What determines the success of catching roach in winter

In our waters the population of gossip is huge and this is due to its simplicity, as habitat, and feed. Winter fishing roach can be carried out throughout the period. Fish activity is observed usually during the daylight hours, except during abrupt changes in weather conditions. Roach starts to behave sluggish and completely refuses to feed only in the moments of sudden changes in pressure or temperature.

The most productive fishing of roach was observed in pervologo. In the early days of the formation of ice roach is the most active, and the catch is guaranteed to be rich regardless of place and method of fishing. However, it is important to note that success in this period of time will depend on how you will set up the tackle and the bait for fishing.

What bait is used for catching roach in winter

In winter perfectly caught roach on bloodworm, the larva burdock, maggot. Particularly successful fishing if as bait to use a combination of bloodworms and maggots, thistles and bloodworms. A little worse, but still caught roach in the winter on plant tips, such as bread, barley. Of these options the most effective baits is a Joker.

The bait is not demanding and most importantly easy to use all you need is to ensure proper storage conditions during fishing. It is recommended to keep the bait in the inner pocket, unless of course on the street more than -5 degrees. When fishing for roach using a crank it is important to comply with its mounting on the hook. Typically, the hook is placed over the head to three larvae. It is important to observe that they were still alive, because only the perturbation is able to attract roaches and to get her to try the offered treat. If when fishing within 15 minutes of the bites was not recommended to lift the nozzle and to perform its replacement.

Pick up a tackle for winter catching roach

The most simple and comfortable winter tackle for catching roach is an ordinary float rod. Just note that you’ll need to be set accurately and be easy. As the floats used foam ball that will withstand the weight of only three grams. The float on the main line is fixed with a piece of match, which allows, if necessary, to increase or decrease the depth of fishing. You can do without the float, but then on the basis of the rods will need to set the whip length 15 cm, it is Important to note that it needs to be rigid and at the same time to be soft. In the event that these two characteristics are matched exactly, while catching the slightest touch of the roaches to the bait you will be seen as a nod to change your location. As the main fishing line is perfect, the diameter is 0.12 mm, the Leash is desirable to set a smaller diameter length of 25 cm as for the hook, it is recommended here to choose the most little options. The main thing that is important to pay attention is on the sting of the hook, which should be sharp.

Where to find winter Parking roaches

Roach particularly in winter strays in large flocks and it is important to consider when looking for a place of fishing. roach far from the usual places is not. Therefore, even in the winter when fishing from ice and it should start to look at the parts of the reservoir, where it successfully caught in summer and autumn.

Meet active roach always possible in areas with a muddy bottom, and in areas where the bottom is thickly covered with underwater vegetation. Winter roach preferred to stick to the pits and other places where the depth exceeds three meters. Most often it occurs near steep breaks near the dams and bridge footings. Roach is especially quiet in cold days always need to look only at depth, this is due to the fact that in such areas the water temperature is the highest. How long roach will be in the specific area of the reservoir will depend on changes in weather conditions and water levels.

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