What changes occur in the meat after slaughter of the animal or what you need to know to preserve meat hunting

What changes occur in the meat after slaughter of the animal or what you need to know to preserve meat hunting

After slaughter and release of blood of the animal, the muscle tissue begin to change in about three hours. The resulting meat becomes very tough in this period, even complex heat treatment is not able to provide adequate softening of the muscle tissue.

This period ends, and then begins to make gravy, impregnating the entire thickness of the meat. The resulting meat is markedly softened, at this stage it is able to give the most delicious, rich and flavorful broth. The outcome of these processes occurs in time from 14 hours to 2 days. At this point significantly increases the nutritional value of meat, the time course of processes depends on the original product and the external environment. To produce the highest quality product, meat should be left in the fridge for 1 – 3 days, then it will fully reveal its taste.

The ripening process in the refrigerator associated with the termination of the power cells of the muscles and swelling. Liberated juice several collapses, with the result that gives new properties of the product. During this time the meat for a few brightens and then becomes darker and acquires an intense red color.

On the properties of meat is influenced by many factors, and wild animals Mature much longer and require long aging to produce the required product properties.

There are several factors which can affect the quality of meat. A very common tan, it is formed by accelerated ripening at a higher temperature. Often sunburn is the cause of the improper carriage in bulk, resulting in the maturation process is significantly accelerated. The meat acquires a distinct brown colour, stuchly odor and unpleasant taste.

If the sun is insignificant, then the meat should be cut into pieces and hung for 6 hours in a well ventilated area. If tan was very deep, the product should not be used in food.

Acidification is the reproduction of microorganisms in meat and the beginning of fermentation processes. The meat acquires an unpleasant smell, this is the first stage of its decay. Overall, this product is completely safe for humans, but in food its use is not recommended.

Decay is bacteria that destroy the meat fibers with the formation of toxic substances. Use in foods is prohibited, the meat is subjected to disposal under the current rules.

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