What bite carp in the summer

Who of anglers felt the familiar childhood when fishing for carp. All fishermen begin their fishing life by catching this fish and is already in more advanced age returned to her. It would seem that it may be easier to catch a carp on the bait. There are days when the carp are biting on anything that will not be offered. But it’s not really interesting fishing. The excitement begins in the days of stagnation, when the carp don’t like something. Let’s see what loves carp.

We will focus on summer fishing. First, tips: if fishing in the spring, the animals head, which is basically a worm. The best bait for cold water spring — earth from Groovin mixed with chopped worm. In summer, warm water will be very efficient plant tips: semolina Prater Park, different dough (Manne, wheat, corn, etc.), assorted doughnuts, as purchased, and homemade.

Experienced fishermen make dumplings is very simple: pour one part chickpea flour and mixed with one part semolina, add water to the consistency of liquid sour cream all this mix shift into a plastic bag and placed in boiling water for 20-30 minutes, then remove from water, allow to cool and knead with your hands until a plastic consistency. This donut is suitable as an independent nozzle, and clogging of the spring. If carp is in the mood, it will bite. Also carp are very fond of steamed grain barley (barley is mainly large carp). Does the thermos, poured back one-third barley and poured boiling water, then insist 3-4 hours. Barley during this time swells, but does not fall apart, which gives stability to the hook. When brewed in a thermos add a drop of anise, vanilla, honey, garlic, or any Supplement to taste. After cooking barley coat it in breadcrumbs — it’s better to attract the fish.

Carp are very sensitive to smells. Carp are very fond of the smell of sage, or Valerian, garlic, vanilla, dill. To bait, you can add a bit of turmeric, it will give the mixture a yellowish color and peculiar smell. The main thing is to lure the carp. Lure carp small balls of groundbait. Although carp are difficult to overfeed, but still need to know the measure. You need to lure the fish and not overfeed her.

It is worth noting how the bite carp. The carp bite is very careful, the float should reflect the slightest touch to the head. Shipment of the float is carried out in the following manner: several pieces spread throughout the line, and the last bullet-the shepherd boy of 5-7 cm from the hook. This method allows you to see the most cautious bite of the fish. Commonly used fishing line with a thickness of 0.15 mm, but the increased vegetation of the pond use a 0.20 mm Hook must be very sharp. The float should not be more than 2 m, because the carp are very cautious fish able to feel even the slightest resistance from the outside.

For catching carp of applied centrifugal or match rods. Currently installing additional rubber shock absorbers on the tip of the rod to extinguish the attempts of the fish to leave. A prerequisite is that the length of the entire snap was equal to the length of the rod. Flight gear is mainly used for boat fishing or short distances. Match fishing rod consists of a rod and reel, which is the lure, which allows you to make long casts, and you can use a thin fishing line. It applies to water bodies where there is no underwater grass. Good luck fishing!

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