What are useful and harmful birds quick overview for hunter

For the effective management of hunting economy held an event called «Shoot the bad birds.» The hunters hear of any winged hunter is a harm to the economy and therefore must be destroyed. But there is a lot of useful birds, which are difficult to distinguish from the harmful, which is a huge problem for conservationists.

Among the harmful birds belong to the following winged pests:

birds that destroy young or already quite Mature animals and birds;

— birds that do not eat animals like pests that destroy the forest or agriculture.

For example, a cruise such as the marsh Harrier (or whatever he’s called kamyshevaya), Goshawk, Sparrowhawk.

The marsh Harrier feeds on the eggs of water fowl such as ducks and geese.

The second preys on small birds. Sparrowhawk destroy songbirds in large numbers.

But the most important is that you need to know bird-hunters who do not bring any harm to forest and agriculture. This primarily nocturnal hunters: owls, owls and so on.

Kite, honey Buzzards, pogorelich, Harriers and many other birds feed exclusively on insects, small animals, the type of ground squirrel, mice and other rodents.

List of birds-hunters who do not bring harm to the hunting economy:

— Kestrel — eats harmful rodents;

— black Raven, forty — destroy harmful insects, but gray crow can be attributed to the category of pests;

the peregrine Falcon is a rare bird, hunting of which is prohibited;

— Saker Falcon — a very useful bird;

— the hobby — fast bird that brings no harm to agriculture;

— Merlin;

— Kestrel;

— Falcon — a very useful bird that is protected;

— black and red kite;

— the white-tailed eagle hunting is prohibited;

— eagle burial ground — a useful, but rare species;

— steppe eagle only eats harmful rodents;

— the greater spotted eagle;

There are many bird hunters that don’t bring significant or no damage to forest and agriculture. There are also very rare species of hunting birds, shooting of which is prohibited by law. Therefore, before this very important matter, is advised it is better to study all types of winged hunters and only then it is reasonable to begin this important matter. Not to harm nature, and help.

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