What are the different types of Norna dog breeds for hunting

Hunter for the extraction of animal lives in a hole (Fox, raccoon, badger) works usually with a faithful canine friend, freely and willingly works for the beast in the hole. Fall into such a category Dachshund and Terrier. This dog breed is by nature brave, persistent in pursuit of prey, resounding in the bark of the beast in the hole, accurate and fast in the manners of the beast.


The breed is known since ancient times. At the present time have in Russia three varieties: shorthaired, longhaired and Wirehaired.


The breed is practiced in content for quite a while, however, the exact origin is not defined by anyone. The content is mainly two types: wire-haired and short-haired.

General description of the breed


The dog squat and short-legged. Bones and muscles are developed proportionately well. Before dogs developed somewhat stronger than the rear part. The Constitution is standard dry, strong. At the withers male to 27 cm, bitch — a few inches less.Temperament calm, the mobility of the standard normal.

Color different from the single color red to two-tone black with red markings. Not rare merles and brindle: red-Navy stripe.


The dog is proportionally built. An adult male at the withers should not exceed 39.5 cm, slightly below the bitch. Back length measurement at the withers — the base of the tail is 30.5 cm In General, the dog is very strong, muscular. The tail is thick, docked, leaving at least two thirds of the total length of the tail.

Very important the dog’s weight, which is directly linked to its mobility and endurance. Optimal (exhibition) weight of dog – kg. 8,15 a Valid deviation to any of the parties not more than 450 grams.

The coat is dense, very dense. The coat length of the dog change with the change of the time of year.

Terrier accepted by our hunters the main dog for hunting Fox.

Hunting in the hole

Any of these breeds, after running in the hole of the beast, finds him, and persecuted for burrowing speeds with voice, trying to expel from lair of the beast on his master. Sometimes, a particularly vicious hunting dogs, capable even to strangle the beast in the hole and pull it out, especially often it happens when hunting raccoon. The most dangerous for the dog, the badger, which can cause the dog very severe injuries. The badger usually when attacking his dog out of the hole trying not to go and comes to a standstill and digs. The hunter in this case reveals hole, and the dog holds the beast’s continuous barking before opening the hole or the opinion of its owner.

Good owner-a hunter always feels the fight in the hole, and in the case of the unconditional hazard for the dog, always recalls it.

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