What are the different types of hunting on wild pig

A wild pig or boar is the only hoofed, which is allowed for shooting. This production is very attracted to the modern hunter. Wild boar is a delicious meat, and to catch it especially the complexity, so it is a kind of trophy for the hunter. Beginner hunter can hardly cope with the task.

Most often, the wild boar lives in the forest or shrub areas. As a rule, beech and oak forest with shrubs.

That boar hunting was successful and ended with a success, you need to know where he lives. Autumn is near crops, closer to winter go deeper in the forest. In winter snow often remain on one selected location. Also in cold and harsh weather, wild beast can be found under a stack of hay or straw are different. In summer wild boar must be sought in damp gullies where a lot of grass and moss, where there is no sunlight. Correct next towards the boar will be lying down with water and mud.

The wild boar is nocturnal. Best time of day to hunt wild boar is night. At this time wild boar is becoming more active and come out to feed. Very often they visit a favorite field for them corn or other similar crops. Wild boars can cause significant damage to agriculture.

Be careful, in some places hunting for wild boars is getting banned, because their number is greatly reduced.

A very good bait for the wild beast will be the creation of artificial forage. If you’re specifically feeding the pigs, it can accurately determine the location of these elusive beasts and You will be able to contribute to their reproduction and settlement near Your food.

There are several types of hunting for wild boars:

hunting with a dog;

— battue hunting;

— a day hunting with the approach;

night hunting with the approach;

— the hunt for zasidko;

— hunting for bait;

All of these types of hunting you can read separately, and pick the most suitable one for yourself.

Remember that newcomers are is nearly impossible and even dangerous to hunt wild pigs or boars. It requires endurance, athletic in nature, a quick wit and a great experience in such matters. In addition, an experienced hunter must know the habits of the wild boar, his favorite place; is good to be able to read the tracks and most likely have excellent, fast hunting dog with great instincts and a clear voice.

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