What are the different types of hunting elk

What are the different types of hunting elk

Moose is the oldest and largest representative of the deer family. The color of the animal depends on the habitat, thereby fulfilling a protective role. He has very sensitive hearing, which compensates for the presence of a weak sight and sense of smell. Moose form small herds of several individuals.

A very popular pastime in Russia is hunting for moose. It is strictly regulated by oversight bodies and the protection of hunting animals. Licensed is shooting the animal. One of the more popular types of hunting in the roaring. It resolves when the elk mating season begins (about two weeks). Males moose come to fight for the championship. If you simulate a rallying roar, the animal can come out into the open. You can hear the mating call and to approach the animal.

Battue hunting is that if well-organized group of people where chasing elk, you can kill a small herd. Coordinated work of the team will bring you success. Beaters stand in a semicircle, when the time comes, creates a horrible noise, which elk flee in the right direction, where they were already waiting for the arrow.

What are the different types of hunting elk

Hunting with dogs depends on the abilities and skills of the dog to apprehend the moose and hold until the arrival of the owner. Best suited Laika. The dog should be taught from an early age and develop in her the ability to find and keep the animals. This breed of dog is quiet and calm hunts moose. If Laika on the leash, the hunter is very closely watching her body movements. If you go with a dog on the trail, then it is likely that the dog can not hold back and barking to drive the beast very far. Husky should be patraulea on elk from an early age and constantly train in order not to lose the qualification.

The most popular form of hunting on different species of animals with hunting approach. To her resorted to in the winter when you can see traces of elk. Hike on the trail can last a few days. If you see other plants and trees, and the traces are not coming up, and begin to diverge on a few pairs, so somewhere near the herd stopped to rest or feeding. Now two hunters quiet without the rustling come from opposite sides, and the third is on the trail. If a moose hears rustling, will run in the direction it came from. Hunters doing the rounds in a circle, if the traces do not go because of him rolling around. You can get close and shoot.

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