What are pneumatic guns with their characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

All the guys from his childhood, a known pneumatic weapons. Someone ran into him, receiving a valuable gift from his parents, someone, undergoing firearms training in school. Usually, a BB gun resembles the model of hunting or fighting weapons, but sometimes pneumatic copy is very difficult to distinguish from the original, from which it is cut. Air gun shoots small bullets, the acceleration due to the gas pressure or compressed air.

Currently, the model of the Pneumatics had reached such a level that the bullet fired from this weapon easily pierces the can, bottle, or Board. On such accuracy do not speak, because air guns has almost no recoil. Unfortunately, in many post-Soviet countries hunting with Pneumatics is prohibited by law. Where legislation allows hunting with an air rifle, it can be easy to use for small game.

Currently, all pneumatic weapons can be divided into the following categories:

— Spring-piston pneumatic. The most common and popular type of airguns. Due to mechanical effects (of quitting guns) is cocking the mainspring, which when fired, propels the piston creates excess pressure in the barrel. All ranges of the Soviet Union were equipped with rifles-spring-piston Pneumatics. No other financial costs (not including service weapons) in addition to the purchase balls to this gun, is not necessary. The mechanism for cocking the spring provides odnozadachnist such weapons. Several available on the market repeating rifles-spring-piston Pneumatics (for example, IZH-61) have shops and an additional lever for cocking the spring. Speed fired from such weapons the bullets can reach 380 km/h. All the barrels of these rifles rifled.

— Pneumatic with pre-pumping. One of the best classes of airguns. By pre-pumping air into a special high pressure reservoir, is repeated firing of weapons. One injection can last for 50 or more shots. In this case, the velocity is high and stable. The set of such arms includes a special pump, which provides air supply to the gun. The barrel, as in the previous category, rifled. Such weapons can immediately be distinguished by the characteristic trait, the presence of the cylindrical reservoir under the barrel. The main drawback of this weapon is its high price, this category pneumatic is the most expensive.

— Multi-compressor Pneumatics. Weapons similar pneumatic with pre-pumping, but instead of the connected pump, pressure is created by the mechanics of the gun. The arrow with a lever located on the arms should be pumping high-pressure reservoir. Weapons this category is considered to be very inconvenient to use, and did not gain popularity.

— Gas-cylinder pneumatic. Everyone knows the category of pneumatic weapons in which the acceleration of the bullet is carried out by using CO2 gas from a container. Domestic stores are just full of different models of pistols in this category. It is a weapon very similar copies its military counterparts. The accuracy and speed of a bullet fired from such weapons as a rule, very low.

Unfortunately, modern air guns practically does not find hunting use and remains in the category of «toys» for adult men.

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