Weather disappoint? Feeder to the rescue!

What can feeder tackle? Question on the one hand rhetorical and even stupid, the reader will say. Of course, with feeder tackle to catch fish. But the conversation in this article will go not about it, and about the conditions of fishing. Many fishermen had to schedule the site visit to the pond, not when the weather is at its best, and when I have time to travel. But, having arrived at the chosen place to see that the weather is «no flight». For example, there were fairly strong wind, which raised a high wave and not that far a throw, but near the shore the float will not sexually. You would go to another place, but unfortunately they are all occupied by local fishermen.

Events unfold quite differently, when the angler comes to the pond with feeder tackle. He’s getting where he’s comfortable, because the action of waves and wind on the feeder dozens of times lower than the bobber that bounces on the waves like a drunken ballerina.

Thus, the effect of weather conditions on feeder tackle smaller – but it is still there. Therefore it is not necessary when a strong emotion neglect heavier feeders. And the tip is put a stiffer than usual. And no need to worry about that because of the complications tackle is not noticeable nibble fish. After all, even the most «heavy» collection of visible bite crucian value in the index finger.

What so want? The installation more rigid the top will remove unnecessary vibrations which are transmitted by waves at the fishing line to the rod, and a heavy load, during the cast, will not allow the wind to deflect it away from the intended point of fishing.

I should say a few words about the location of feeder rods on the shore. As is known, the locations are two: first – along the shore; the second is perpendicular to it, with the top raised above the water as possible. When fishing in difficult weather conditions more acceptable is the first variant of the location of the feeder, because in this case reduced the impact of the wind on the rod and better bite, while the second option is more preferable for rivers with fast current.

Using these tips when fishing in difficult weather conditions, the fishermen on personal experience will be able to make sure their effectiveness. The author was himself a witness that is caught in the pond in this weather only fidelity and poplavochnikov, danocrine and other characters all just sit and with a sincere envy, as fideist, once again pulls on the shore caught fish.

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