Weapons Benelli – grace times

Hunting your passion? Then the arms Benelli will make you feel like a real hunter and a connoisseur of «armour». Simplicity, durability, quality, functional and aesthetic appearance, style is all weapons Benelli. A good weapon – it’s not about the Benelli, great – Yes.

Among the sporting guns and rifles, Benelli should pay tribute shotgun, is easy to use, minimal details, and thanks to the supply system of the cartridge, which greatly simplifies its disassembly, the gun appears to us secure and comfortable. Undoubtedly, all these advantages attract all self-respecting hunters all over the world.

The Motherland of Benelli arms is an Italian city of Urbino, it is here on the historic ground of art and education successfully is a thriving company with a great today name. In the middle ages the city was famous for the production of items of precision mechanics and weapons, which is already distinguished by its elegance and unique décor. By the way, some private collectors and some museums remained individual instances, in particular arms in the style of «marchigiana». No wonder they say that tradition should be, that’s why Benelli located in this area, maybe this is her success.

The official status of a producer company has received in 1967, although its activities began much earlier. So, the Benelli brothers worked on the production of motorcycles and world famous tracks sports cars, but perfection was not enough, and for good reason. In 1920, the resourceful brothers were made «weapon firstborn» — double-barreled shotgun with Krupp steel. The sample could be proud of horizontally spaced trunks and the top bolt of Griner as well as the external triggers. Later the world became self-loading rifle, manufactured by the system of Browning using the lighter alloys.

There is no doubt that the Benelli brothers did not wrong in their preferences, regarding the production of weapons, the company has really achieved a huge success. What to say when the development and improvement of self-loading rifles had no chance, the company has created a real revolution and proudly went ahead with a large margin from its competitors.

Today, the Benelli brand is prestige, which supports the quality and reliability of the products. But this is not the ultimate dream.

The company is developing successfully and accordingly to the world a new generation of weapons collection. After identification of all the vital characteristics defining performance of the product is transferred to the establishment of CAD in the design Department, where, instead of modern installations worked on the drawing boards. This is where the prototype weapons, and then tests, theoretical studies, search of the necessary materials and here it is – the long awaited first shot.

High quality products world Italian manufacturer confirms the certification of ISO 9001, AQAP, and individual instances have no correspondence with NATO standards.

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