Ways of catching tench

Tench from the carp family. So it was named for the ability to change the color of the body in the air. In Europe it is found in rivers and lakes, to the East of the Urals is much less common in Eastern Siberia is very rare.

Fishing for tench is non-standard. In many lakes you can catch large tench, but the bait is quite rare. Most fishermen think that it is difficult to catch.

What is good in catching carp, not good at aiming the fishing line. If the feed handle and catch at them, the lines will be random pickings, because the carp quickly find and eat them. Another carp create a lot of noise. If they are sailing on lured place, sympathetic of line up. Fishing for tench on small baits in many cases fails.

Fishing with a fixed sinker also has disadvantages. These equipment are too rigid and do not note the gentle bite of the line. If too lazy just trying to bait, to explore, fishing, of little use.

Sweet canned corn — a reliable attachment for a fishing line. On the hook you need to fasten a few grains. For this fishing suitable reeds and lilies, only there you can catch the most selected lines. In order to attract the fish should be within a few days to get corn and other small grains. But to feed while fishing absolutely can not because they can sail other undesirable for the fisherman fish. Especially like the corn crunches. Sailing to tame the land, they push the line aside. Lines and no bait will find a tasty bait. The line can be deceiving, acting inconspicuously. If the fisherman succeeds, he will have a long-awaited catch.

Aiming to catch only the line , even for experienced fishermen is difficult. When fishing for tench in any case not to refuse the bait, even if the bait attracts other fish. Lines will go to the fishing spot, if there is feed for them. It is impossible to lure the waste line from the kitchen. Also depends on the body of water, what bait to use. On the ponds with clean water, well-proved corn, parcak, sweet boilies.

For catching tench suitable float equipment. Laziness often bite cautiously, a long time fiddling with the bait before swallowing it. Donna snap fishing not notice a bite, and laziness on the contrary feels good back snap.


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