Ways of catching fish in the month of may

It is a time when fishermen cast their lines near trees, shrubs, aquatic grass, and clay banks. As fishermen prefer to use fishing gear: float, bottom fishing rods and spinning rods. As bait on the hooks fit very well the moths, maggots, earthworms. Fishing from the bottom, or fly fishing in the wiring. This month has been fishing for white fish. She is caught in the wiring, so to catch it is possible not only banks, but also dams, bridges, boats. The main thing that all of the above were in the flow. In these methods of fishing the rod is held vertically and the nozzle is gradually lowered myself, tilting the rod to the water.

As all fish is now on the surface, she sees a good angler. And we must remember that for a good catch after casting should go in a more prominent place. Use your cloak, go into the shadows or behind a tree. Important not to forget about the float, it needs to be in your field of vision. It will significantly increase your chances of a catch. If you catch in places where there are trees and shrubs, you will need to alter your rod. This is to avoid toe and open tackle. For the convenience of fishing rod use shorter. The length of such rods reaches a maximum length of 3.5 m. On this rod is mounted a scaffold, which is slightly shorter than the rod. Have to be thick, roughly 0.3 mm. If you have used this line, then you’ll be free head in the gaps among the vegetation. Also used a larger float. The purpose of this float, to better navigate the bites as it is more noticeable.Leashes are used thinner than fishing line. The diameter of these leashes should be 0,15 mm. More important is your hoarding. You should always be in stock, hooks, fishing line and leashes. This will help you to avoid unexpected incidents that can spoil your vacation fishing. After all, if you have nothing to re-build the rod, then you will have to finish fishing.

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