Water sail when fishing for catfish on Kwok

Requirements to the boat and shop it we’ve already covered, now let’s talk about water sail.

Water the sail is a necessary attribute in Somova fishing. It is also often used in vertical fishing. His task is to keep the boat from strong wind or strong currents. When you are in a boat and do not have sails, you will bear on the surface of the water very quickly and the bait will stay far away from Kvacany.

To make the sail quite simple. It needs to have the fabric tight section such as fable. Personally, I took an old baby’s nappy. Wooden handle from a rake or a broom, a metal rod with a diameter 8-9mm length size diaper. At the top of the diaper strengthens the stalk, and in the lower part of the rod. Diagonally from two sides fasten two ropes of the same length. It turned out that envelope. At the intersection of two cords fasten another piece of rope 1.5 m long. One end will be fixed to the boat, I personally was tied to the carabiner. Using it is very convenient to quickly attach and detach the sail. The other end connects the two diagonal ropes in one in the center of the sail. And when you lower the sail into the water, it should float, but once you grab his carbine, the sail starts to take shape, resting on a layer of water to create greater resistance. This resistance is enough to keep the boat at relatively the same speed. With this simple device you can be on the coveted fishing spot.

So, you came to somovu the pit, after analyzing the direction of the wind and currents. After selecting the direction, you begin to paddle the boat without the engine, lowering the sail into the water on the opposite side from the place of fishing, strengthening tow rope (carabiner) at the side of the boat.

One time I saw a sail, made of an old umbrella. In one part of the umbrella was tied empty plastic bottle, she has served poplava. On the opposite side was strengthened cargo. The umbrella handle was attached to the boat. On the one hand, this sail is easy, but it is very fragile because made of the delicate twigs. If a strong gust of wind (happens all the time) from such of the sails remains the Central rod and the fishing will be disrupted. The sail, which I suggest has a number of disadvantages, I’m working on this right now. First, the sail from time to time twisted, we have to correct. This happens over where the bubbling whirlpool. And this place is usually the most interesting for catching catfish. I want to handle it carefully and have to correct the sail. Often, when the wind side and the current was perpendicular to the wind, also there is a twisting of the sail. This is the most unpleasant. Tinkering in the boat with this sail instead of catch. Second, the sail need to be removed from the water and stow on Board boats to move to another location or return to the starting point. With it flows a lot of water that gets into the boat, and by the end of the fishing you have in the boat more water than I would like. A strong wave of water in the boat enough, and then there’s the water with sails.

After fishing this wet rag you have to put in the car, with her flowing. Squeeze will not work, preventing the shaft and the rod. Once home, it should be immediately dried. These are the inconveniences carries the sail. But without it, a single fishing makes no sense. Anyway, despite all these inconveniences, I have no sails on fishing not moving.

I offer you a sail, so to speak, of a new generation. Long thinking and inventing, I found an excellent option. So. The new sails are attached to all slings separately, the handle has a length less than the rod. Increased the length of the fabric, changed its composition. Instead of stories, I took a synthetic cloth. It is lightweight and durable, absorbs less water. The stalk taken from the new rake, it is thin and does not occupy much space in the boat. Length of handle 1.2 m, the rod has a length of 1.5 m, the length of the fabric sail 1.4 m, width 1.2 m Slings cuttings (float) I made out of rubber bands whose length is 50-60 cm. One end of the harness is attached to the handle tightly, and the other to Board the boat through the carabiner. Why rubber tubing? During the wind wave is formed, which, in turn, strongly rocks the boat. If you will be tough rope on the swim, the boat becomes hard and balance body hard. Rubber is a shock absorber in case of strong shock waves it softens work the sails. Next. Sling rod length is also much longer. The length of these slings are selected according to the height of your boat. Thus, when you connect the swim to the boat, the sail should be straight down, completely across the length of the fabric. Rod straps are on a diagonal to the boat, and is also attached with carabiners, but at a certain angle in relation to order swim. This is evident in the photos that I am attaching to this description. To raise the sail from the water very simply and quickly. Taking a pen and putting it on Board the boat, choose a fabric and then the rod. Everything is on Board the boat and does not stop even during movement on the motor. Quickly and easily it is installed and working. One has only to reset the rod into the water, and the current or wind will do the rest. He’s not confused, convenient and reliable. This innovation of my own, it works fine. Recommend to make such a sail. Attachment to the boat does not take much time, and most importantly, it does not need to correct while fishing.

Speaking about water sail it’s time to move to this attribute as gloves when catching catfish in Kwok.

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