Walnut as bait for carp

Some fishermen argue that the bait – 50% of successful fish catches. And they may not agree the only person who has never been fishing. As bait used in almost any products that uses.

Since ancient times, to increase the results of fishing, people fed up their future catch natural products. Used cereal grains as well as veggies and even fruits. But in our time, in addition to plant products, the angler uses seasonings, flavors, flavor enhancers, essential oils. So, no longer a secret the use of anise seed oil, fennel, fennel seeds and black pepper.

But nowadays with the success began for bait to use and other products. Thus, in Romania, in the fishing shop, fishermen with success snap up the «chocolate malt». There are baits containing a small amount of chocolate powder or coffee powder. And for self-preparation of bait fishermen use sugar and milk, and cookies, and vodka, and cognacs. There are recipes with the contents of a teaspoon of flavored sea salt 0.5 kg of dry groundbait. So, there is the story of how escaped from the house of the boy caught a very large carp with peanut butter, cooked at home.

Currently, many fishermen began to spread the use of nuts as an additive to groundbait. Although nuts contain omega oils, proteins, vitamins, iron, there is a very high-calorie food, they are not particularly digestible product. However, because nuts are Supplement, they began to in demand among the fishermen.

The most common nuts for carp bait is peanuts. It became widespread thanks to the small price. Use it in ground form or whole peeled nuts, which are a wonderful addition to the dry grain mixtures. If you use peanut as a hammer, then soak them no more than an hour, because then they turn into a heavy lump.

Used less walnuts, but it’s not deserved. He is a very attractive bait. Not a bad additive is a dry coconut, and almonds. Recently, distributed use as additives in the bait tiger nut.

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