Vivarium carp in the summer

Summer carp substantially change their place of residence. The spawning of the fish has ended, the water became more heated and filled with various underwater plants. Actually there and live carp, hiding from predatory fishes. Eats this fish is also there, and fast. Therefore, the main task of fishing is getting the fish capricious carp.

It is impossible to answer what eat carp, because the benefits of this fish are changing all the time. In the morning in the diet may also include worm and maggot, with the sunrise – the barley and the dough – semolina Prater Park and a crust of bread. Even if the two water bodies are close by, crucians that live there, may have a completely different taste preferences.

However, there is a certain principle of selection of the nozzle. Colder water means that you should choose for carp worm or maggots. Otherwise, use the nozzle of plant origin.

A mandatory attribute of a successful summer fishing when fishing for carp will mastyrka. And caught her and other peaceful fish. The disadvantage of this nozzle is its long cooking. It is possible, in principle, to freeze prepared mixture until the next time. But remember that this affects the quality of the nozzle itself.

Cooking barley does not require much effort. You just have to pour cereal in a thermos and pour all the boiling water. Half an hour later the nozzle will be ready.

As you could understand, carp in summer Moody. Therefore, it is not easy to hold it with a bait in one place. You’re lucky, but if you come across a flock of carp. Then you will have a small amount of time playing. However, for a long time they still can’t keep. How, then, can catch fish? Very simple. Add to the nozzle of the aromatic substances.

In summer, the stronger the aroma the better. When playing carp it is best to use sweet additives such as caramel and mint. Especially effective is the oil. Well for bait cake will come in handy.

A small specimen is caught in the thickets of vegetation near the shore. The optimal solution would be the selection of float rods. Chance of success increases if to catch from a boat among Lily pads or reeds. Why it’s better to catch it off the boat? Just so you can find the individual larger, which lives deeper. If you need a carp about that size, then it is necessary to use a match or feeder.

Carp are usually not strongly resisted, but in the summer it is more active than at other times of the year. Therefore, do not mount the set with a big margin of safety. Cushioning quality of the rod will help to repay the first spurts carp. In addition, you need to have properly configured the friction brake and, of course, use of their catching skills. If you correctly use this, you will be able to catch a big fish. Remember also that you provided the resistance of carp depends on the location in which you catch.

The more powerful the gear you need-only when fishing in vegetation and reeds. Here it is necessary to use force because the fish can go deeper into the algae and get it you, alas, can not.

Diurnal activity of carp is easy to observe on most waters. The best early bite. A little worse evening, while the day is not it at all. However, where fishing without exceptions? There are pools where good and the best bite at lunch time. Though caught a pretty decent individual. It may sound absurd, but Yes, this exception has the right to life. But do not forget that it is not due and for granted.

Active nibble is always maintained in small ponds – lakes. Despite this, individuals you will not be able to catch. This is because in the small lake have no predators, and the fish can spawn. In consequence of which there was a shortage of food. Carp degenerates, and the individual, regardless of their age is small in size.

Large carp in the summer leads nocturnal. In the afternoon it is very hot, so the fish are hiding deep in the Bush. Activity from her at this time just will not wait. Watch the temperature, because the carp can return to normal mode when the weather is not hot.

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