Vertikalka TOZ-120 characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

Vertikalka TOZ-120 characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

In the early 21st century to replace the older models of the gun with a vertical arrangement of trunks TOZ-34, the efforts of experts of the Tula arms plant, it’s double-barreled shotgun TOZ-120. The model was developed in 2000 on the basis of gun TOZ-91, which inherited all the best parties.

TO3-120 – shotgun 12 gauge with a vertical arrangement of trunks. But planned production of TOZ-120 with a 20-gauge. This model is available in two versions, with the length of the trunk 711 and 750 mm (length of the gun in this case 1140 and 1180 mm, respectively). In addition the barrels can have the muzzle narrow, and cylindrical cuts, which makes this model universal for different kind of hunting. Rifle weight does not exceed 3.5 kg.

The new model was radically reworked trigger. The gun can be made like in the old version, with two trigger hooks and the new, with the selector sequence of shots of barrels and one trigger. As befits all modern hunting rifles, TOZ-120 is equipped with safety platoons, which will not allow to make a random shot.

The model is double-barreled hunting rifle TO3-120 is oriented to specialists in the field of Amateur and commercial hunting. However, the specialists of the Tula arms factory are already developing and planning the release of guns on the basis of the TOZ-120 for sports-bench shooting.

Currently, hunters are offered hunting rifle TOZ-120 with various options of coloring and processing, forearm weapons can be made of walnut or beech. In addition, individual models of weapons can be made highly artistic engraving (a more «budget» option is laser or chemical etching) on the metal surfaces and additional inlay of precious stones. The wooden parts of weapons can be decorated with carving or incision. And if the jewelry thread is only for beauty, but properly executed cut removes the slide of the gun in the hands of a hunter.

Double-barrel hunting shotgun TOZ-120 easy and convenient to operate. Has excellent prekladatelu and accuracy. A new modification of the weapon with a single trigger and a selector allows you to fulfill two shots in a row, what is very important while hunting. The mixing arms occurs at the time of its opening, while returning to its original state the gun is ready to fire. Very convenient extension of the shells through the work of separate ejectors, if the shot fired, it is ejected automatically by the ejector. The selector lever of the sequence of shots is used as a fuse. Special model TOZ-120 with the cartridge chamber of 76 mm allows you to fire a «Magnum» rounds. Currently, hunters are presented with the following options muzzle narrowing down on the TOZ-120: 0.0 mm; 0.25 mm; 0.5 mm; 0.75 mm and 1mm. Hunting rifle TOZ-120 is a portable gun, the barrels are easily removable when dismissing an under-barrel hook frame locking. Opinions of hunters about the double-barreled shotgun TOZ-120 is quite contradictory. Some people like this weapon for its ruggedness and reliability in various weather conditions, a good fight and low returns. Others blamed for the precarious descent, often leads to a «doublets», uncomfortable foregrip and heavy. With confidence we can say that the hunting rifle found their consumer niche and is very well suited for novice hunters, that as a first gun. Otherwise, evaluate all the pros and cons TOZ-120, you can only hunt with him.

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