Variety jerk-Beit

All types of jerk baits can be grouped into three main groups: gliders, twitch-bayts and divers.

The name «gliders» (from the English «to glide» — glide) is referring to the fact that this type of bait just glides in the water, that is, the glider is a moving bait. Data when posting bait move from side to side (these movements are called «tacks»). The design of the gliders are balanced in such a way that it remains to stay in the water column, which is its characteristic feature. If for some reason, this balance is disturbed, then it is a deviation, and this jerk will be considered defective.

At a sufficiently skillful handling of the glider very well imitates the movements of a swimming fish. It is this mind jerk-Beit pays special attention to fishermen, and that the gliders occupy a large part of jerkbait lures located in the fishing box.

Such a group of jerks, as divers, are United by the fact that the bait is immersed in the movement. Is dive from the surface or in the water column – does not matter. When conducting the divers are on an abrupt trajectory that is also achieved by balancing design. In the case of this kind of baits have the advantage in the bow, for this reason, jerk-Beit is constantly moving nose forward. But there are varieties of divers where the dive takes place due to the construction of bait (forms, availability of additional blades and the like). This group of jerks has not received such wide circulation, as the gliders, but in some cases it is the divers help not to remain without a catch.

Twitch-bayts in their design and characteristics differ slightly from those popular baits, like crankbaits. The main difference from the latter, of course, size. Most twitch-Beit has the same blade as the lure. It serves them to care when posting in the water column and giving that is so characteristic for wobblers, wobbling of the body from side to side. It can be obtained as with the blades and with cut in the nose of the bait or the characteristic oblique cut in the body of the lure.

In addition, it is possible to distinguish among jerkbait lures such as parbati and artery. However, they do not belong to a certain group jerk-Beit, because they have no distinct features. Parbati is jerky, which is the usual broaches or equal to a protank coil. Artery are sharp movements and go on a free trajectory, i.e. they have no specific and stable view of the game.


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