Useful tips when fishing IDE

In a cloudy weather at low pressure yaz in winter it stays more on the deepest places with the best aeration, so oblavlivaemye them first.

— When fishing for IDE to use for long, languid, more spinners. Light, rounded shape, will be delayed to falter and the jet will not give the correct toy.

— If increased frost use the smallest animals in the nozzle, for example the larva burdock moth or beetle.

— In strong winds, even in winter, the IDE goes into depth, and bite in such conditions weak. Particularly unfavorable for fishing Northern winds.

— The big IDE — very osmotritelny fish, so beware of any unnecessary movements on the ice. Unwanted close neighbors and fishermen. Catch IDE in the «crowd» — only a rare phenomenon.

Winter planning a trip to the pond, give preference to large flow-through lakes. — In extreme cold, use lures and balancers gives weak effect; most likely in this weather to catch a bullhead on small spinners.

Winter forget to catch all the fish in heavily silted parts of the reservoir; the oxygen regime are the worst. To check the temper of the soil just enough to have a small lead weight on the narrow cord; if it strikes the bottom of the cargo will be stuck, so the soil is soft, silty; and, on the contrary, clean, accurate sound— a sign of sandy, pebbly and sandy bottom is especially good biting is observed, still very early in the day and late in the evening, at dusk

In warm weather, in waters where there is intense «blooming» of water, IDE bite the worst. And in these criteria, you can expect to fortune if the catch on the course and in the late evening hours.

— With a sharp increase in water temperature during hot weather, give preference to vegetable bits. The best results are also obtained when fishing at night and for an hour or two before sunrise.

— On weakly flowing lakes strong little shower food dramatically increases the activity of IDE, roach, crucian carp, white bream. Catch is the best in shallow water

— Strong winds of all directions of yaz in the evening and the morning does not rise to the surface and rests at a depth where it should be catching


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