Useful tips for choosing spinning: a step-by-step. Part 2

As we have learned from the first part, the spinning is an important event that needs to be approached with caution. Each element of the design has a specific meaning and has an impact not only on the features of fishing but at tackle box further.


The task of the rings on the spinning – uniform load distribution across the length of the product. It is very important to the fishing line passed through the rings as floodplains. The perfect ring should be as easy, as this depends directly on the weight of the rod overall, and spinning with such rings will be the most sensitive.

The number of rings also depends. In particular, the quality of angling for a catch and casting distance. If rings will be small, the rod may simply be broken. Special attention should be paid to securing the rings to the rod. Yes, the products themselves must not have scratches, cracks and chips.

It is desirable to give preference to rods, on which the choke ring has two points of attachment, because it provides additional strength. And when transporting, you can be sure that the rings are not damaged.

Reel seat and handle

The handle on the spinning rods are usually made of neoprene, or cork. It doesn’t matter what material you prefer – they are both quality and durable. The design of the reel seat may be different, so this caveat must be considered when choosing. If purchased separately the coil, it is best to take it with me to hold the fitting in the store.

The length of the rod

This parameter is also very important. The average length of the spinning is in the range of 2-3 meters. If you consider yourself to be a novice fisherman, it is best to choose a product with length from 2.3 to 2.7 metres. If the pond is small, then more than two meters spinning is not needed. If fishing will be conducted in a big pond, you should take a long rod (more than three meters), because in this case, you can do a lot more long balls.


In General, this parameter is complex, because it depends on many factors – system, rings, test, material properties, etc. it is possible to distinguish two kinds of sensitivity – speed return gear and the mass of the rod. The sensitivity of the spinning depends on the weight of the rod: the easier – the better the sensitivity of the products in General.

There is a very interesting and easy method of determining the sensitivity. You need to take the rod in your hand and throw it. The faster the vibration stops, the more sensitive spinning and Vice versa. The sensitivity depends on many things. For example, a fisherman can feel the bait lay on the bottom or caught a fish on a hook.

Connection of knees

It is no secret that when buying a spinning reel, it is desirable to pay special attention to the reliability of the connection of the knees. If the connection is tight, then a sharp jerk while fishing can lead to breakage of the rod.

Type of mount for the coil

Today it is possible to distinguish three types of attachment. In the first option assumes a clamping screw-nut, which tightens up after the fastening of the coil. The second option requires the attachment nut from the top side. The third fastening of the coil by means of two rings.


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