Useful tips for choosing spinning: a step-by-step. Part 1

If you have made the decision to purchase a quality spinning reel, but still do not know on what aspects you should pay attention, be sure to read this article. The information presented here will be enough to make the right purchase. You could say it’s step by step guide to choosing spinning.


So, today, there are four classes of rods: heavy, medium, light and ultra light. In addition, for each type should be selected corresponding to the weight of the bait, that fishing was the most effective. In particular, for heavy spinning, you will need to stock up on bait weighing from 40 grams, to average from 15 to 40 grams, for a light – from 6 to 13-15 grams and for the easiest – to six-seven grams.


Modern spinners can be divided into three categories – hard, medium, and parabolic. So, let’s talk about each of them. Hard rod more suitable for casting at a range in excess of 50-70 meters. Medium – suitable for high-quality hooking fish on long casts. In addition, these rods needs to be bent at the top. As for parabolic rods, they are ideal for long casts (more than forty meters).

Connection type

There are different rods and connection type. In particular, they are divided into male and telescopic. The latter is very popular because of its compactness, because they can always be folded. The device will occupy a minimum of space. Their only disadvantage – excessive rigidity.

As for the plug rods, they consist of several tribes, but they must be inserted into each other (not to be confused with the Assembly). Their advantages include increased sensitivity, strength and reliability. And most importantly – they are easier telescopic.


Test rod often shows the weight of lures you want to use. Prescribed this parameter is two digits: one of them indicates the lower limit of the weight of the lure, and the other, respectively, the upper limit. For example, the designation can be 2-25 gr. is the best option. In this case, to use a spinning can with a variety of baits.


Such parameter as a system of rods (spinning), are also very popular among fishermen. It can be used to identify how big would the degree of bending of the rod. In particular, the device can be fast, medium and slow. Products with fast cream to bend only the top part of the rod with a slow system will bend all the rods. You must also consider that a rod with a fast action is more suitable for experienced fishermen, because it requires certain skills accurate casting. To determine the order in the store and asked the consultant to hold the tip of the rod, and to pull it up. If the spinning rod is well bent, then you need to take – it is ideal for fishing any kind of fish.

Power and material

The capacity of the fishing rod is also very important parameter and it depends largely on the thickness of the lower part of the product. On the basis of power, it is necessary to choose fishing line (usually the recommendations are specified on the form of spinning).

As for the material, the modern fishing rods are made from fiberglass, composite or carbon fiber. There are also products from graphite, carbon, etc. the First is a very easy to use, they are very easy to maintain. The disadvantages of fiberglass structures can carry a lot of weight. Composite rods have a medium stiffness, but the quality of this product is not the best.

The most qualitative, reliable and easy spinning rods are of carbon fiber, carbon fiber or graphite.


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