Useful advice to fishermen

Maggot. A great bait for many species of fish. It happens that a good biting is observed from the bottom of the reservoir. If it is muddy, the maggots can burrow in it and will not be seen. To avoid such situation, you need to put it on the hook, and then a syringe for insulin with the most thin needle, inflate it with air. We gave him the buoyancy and greater volume.

Kerosene. It is noticed that it attracts predatory fish and carp. Can be used as an attractant. Some fishermen pour it into a small vial, the cork is pierced with a small hole and on the fishing line is lowered into a fishing area, and after fishing out from the pond. For convenience, apply WD-40, it’s the same kerosene, but in a more practical package.

Well attracts fish feed, which gradually sinks to the bottom. For this you need to put the bait in chicken wire mesh and put near inflated plastic bag that will not let her drown.

Grasshoppers it is better to catch in the morning when they are less mobile.

To restore the luster of tarnished copper spinners, then you need to RUB it with cut raw potatoes.

To the tribe on the rod would easily break apart, RUB them with wax or stearin candle.

If zavyalit the fish, not give flies, put near a fish, a Cup with something sweet to attract the wasps. They also love fish but will not allow the flies to lay larvae. You can also cover it with gauze soaked in vegetable oil or vinegar.

Not necessary using force to drag the fish out of the grass. Try to loosen the line and maybe she will come out of it.

Tie hooks approved sites. Test them at home using hand weights. Choose simple and reliable. Pick them, based on the thickness of your fishing line. Some of them hold better on thick, and the other with a thin gear.

Loop on leads not a double bind, as usual the majority of fishermen knits, and a triple knot. This greatly increases the strength.

For long-term storage of fishing line, solder it in a plastic bag along with a piece of gauze moistened with glycerine.

Once you have made a new spinner, it is advisable to boil in water with pinch of baking soda to destroy odors from the soldering and flux.

During a thunderstorm you need to avoid open hilltops, and not hide under a lonely tree growing. And if you’re in the storm are in a boat, you need to lie down on her bottom.

If you forget bug spray, then RUB the face and hands wormwood, it will scare the bloodsuckers.

Attach the mesh net small package, and it will not emerge.

It is very dangerous to fish on the ice with thickness less than 6 cm.

Moving through the thickets on the Bank, hold the rod, thick end forward.

If on a smooth surface of water in some place it dazzled, it means there is a shoal. In the pits the water is usually more turbid.

In most cases, the fish feeds on the swings broke and depth.

The fish bite better in West or South-westerly winds, as well as a small rise or fall of water.

With the awl it’s easy to untie the knot on the leash.

Cleaning perch much easier, if its for 2-3 sec. lower into the boiling water.

Try not to make a noise on the shore. Big fish fearful and cautious. When casting not to spank with the rod tip in the water.

Do not worry if after the bait has started to bite a little. Soon it will be filled, and most will come later.

The bite is always better on the other side, which rolled the waves. They wash different animals, which feed on fish.

When the great tide, the bait should be cast to float, because the undercurrent in this weather, directed from the shore.

Do not go to another fishing spot until you attempt all the types of nozzles that you have.

Pick up the load so that a nod of the float was sunk to half its length. In this position of the float is clearly visible bite, tension, as well as the rise in fish bait.

If you go fishing far away from the populated area, always carry the first aid kit. Check it shelf life of medicines and completeness.

Always keep matches in water-proof packaging.

Possibly make a fire in the old fireplace, after the fire, the grass will not grow for several years. Take care of nature.

Always need to dress warmer. The forecast of meteorological centers is deceptive, and to remove an extra shirt is not difficult.


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