Use bullet Blondeau in the original specifications and equipment

Historical data show that the invention of a bullet Blondeau around the time of the war of 1941 – 1945. However, the patent for the invention and introducing it in mass production refers to the 50-th years of the last century. This type of bullet, in a short time, has become widely popular among the hunters of France and Germany and other countries of the European continent. Such advantages of the ball such as: high accuracy when shooting, good action stops the character firing from the barrel with any narrowing of the muzzle safety when hunting in large teams, as excluded ricochet bullets. Today, enterprises of France issued the following bullets calibers – 12, 16, 20. Bullet loaded cartridges, cartridge which has a diameter of 65 and 70 millimeters. In this form they are sent to the trading network for implementation.

Cartridges that have been filled with a bullet of Blondeau, in the factory, giving very high accuracy when firing. Special differences when firing from rifled weapons and smoothbore is not marked. Statistics have found that when firing at a target with a diameter of 75 mm at a distance of 82 meters from the gun with the gun accuracy is five hits in the circle. At the distance of fifty meters of the place of falling bullets have contact with each other.

It should also be noted that the best accuracy in the rifle with drilling three-quarters of chalk or polochak. Even greater accuracy can be obtained by drilling the full choke. Good result accuracy, this type of bullet gives when applying the powder in the cartridge of French manufacture (T-1 or T-2).

In this case, the cartridge loaded in the following technologies: gunpowder is laying Abdurasulova of the wad, made of plastic, the sides of which are up to three millimeters. Then installed the wad a shock absorbing type of felt which is impregnated with a special composition manufacture.

At the same time this wad is a filler. Further, the cartridge is placed ball, with the subsequent tight twist of the sleeve. When used in the cartridge of the twelfth caliber of this type of gunpowder, as T-22,6,the rate of departure of the bullet is equal to 460 meters per second. This velocity ensures its stable flight at a distance of one hundred meters. Bullet weight Blondo in the original ammo twelfth calibre is 32.6 grams, for the sixteenth caliber , a little less – 29.1 grams. The variation in bullet weight shall not exceed 0.05 grams.

Use bullet Blondeau in the original specifications and equipment

Tests of this type of bullet was involved in weapons experts from different countries of the world. The bullet was tested with various brands of powders, different cartridge cases and wads. One of the closest, ballistics, gunpowder «Sokol», got a Swedish production AL-5. When gear cartridge that gunpowder and firing weapons when the barrel length of 560 millimeters, the rate of departure of the bullet amounted to 396 meters per second. At a distance of 91 meters, the accuracy of the firing was three bullets Blondeau at a target with a circle diameter of 360 millimeters. Today there are activities related to the simplification of manufacturing technology of bullets and filling cartridges while maintaining high quality in ballistic tests. From a large number of activities, the most beneficial is the removal abdulrosa zones of lead and placement of the ball in kont6eyner plastic type. It must be pointed out that these experiments revealed one fact: when you increase the speed of flight of the ball over 490 meters per second, the visible presence of the vibrating action, which has a negative impact on accuracy.

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