Unusual bait

Fishing on leech

Leech can be attributed to the most popular baits, but rather the opposite. Quite a few fishermen nasazhivajut on a hook in the leech. And some just disgusting to get them in hands.

And for good reason. From the very beginning of spring until mid-summer this is the most catchability bait. Very well it takes large carp. Leech is also interested in other fish, for example roach, pike, IDE.


To get the leech is quite simple. They can be found under the leaves of water lilies on a stalk of reed. Very often they are found near the shore.

As bait, not all leeches will do. Large leeches are suitable only for very large individuals. Most attractive to fish leeches are about 5 cm in length, their body is painted brown color. Unlike other leeches, those not staying on the hook, and continues to wriggle, attracting the fish. Leeches are very hardy, so longer perform its function.

To plant them on a dark hook. Ways of planting very much. Can be pierced across the body, can be spread along.

Before you plant, it is desirable to cut her suction Cup. Through the wound it will occasionally excrete the blood, which is very well attracts fish.

Colorado potato beetle

If someone has a vegetable garden, get a bait will not be easy. To begin with it is necessary to tear off the wings. Under these wings it has thin wings. They need to spread. For the head to impose it on the hook, so the sting was visible. On the Colorado potato beetle can very well catch it without using bait. Very well will bite Rudd. To catch it in the Windows among aquatic vegetation.


Another unusual bait, you do not need to cook. You can find it on almost any body of water. Used to catch the core of the reeds.

The reeds need to be cut off at the root in the water. Tear off the top, remove from the stem epidermis. Will remain only the white core. It is necessary to cut wedges, stick on a hook, like an ordinary worm. Peck On a bait fish of the carp family, but not in all water bodies it works. It is necessary to check in practice.


The cheese used most often when fishing for barbel, but it can also be attributed to the popular lures. Cheese, it is desirable to use white, soft. Right on the fishing should be cut into cubes, then they have to cut corners to get something like a ball. Catch the cheese on the waters with no current, no perezapisi. Since this bait is very easy to fly off the hook.

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