Unlike fishing in stagnant water.

Fish that lives in a confined space, is not held in one place, and this is true for all reservoirs. River fish to adapt to the speed of the water to get enough float residents or less plant food, which gets in the belly.

Calm reservoir has several other conditions.

Fish, United in flocks, are moving live food, which may be insects, tend to raise offspring on the surface of the water, as well as small fish and other members of the lake fauna. And if you managed to explore the features of the seabed and its topography, you know the preference of the fish, which is fish, so your event has a lot of chances of success. The lives of the inhabitants of river or lake water occurs in unison with a particular biological rhythm, which depends on many other factors, including the availability and amount of sunlight, water temperature, how it is transparent.

In addition, each reservoir has a number of unique features and characteristics. Experts managed to establish that the fish moving in the water, each time occupies a distinctive niche, which at this time of day fish are most comfortable with. Bream, which prefer the surface, can not tolerate the sun and its bright rays make it to hide in various shelters, from which it is virtually impossible to draw, and only in the late afternoon the fish decided to leave the shelter. Fisherman, knowledgeable about the terrain depth, calculate when and where the fish will hunt, coming out of its niche. Thus, knowledge of the terrain is crucial for the result of fishing.

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