Universal bait «semolina Prater Park»

A good fisherman is a master in cooking different baits. Including semolina mash, has long proved its versatility. It would seem that difficult in cooking? Poured a handful of semolina with a spoon of water, covered with a lid for half an hour and all the bait ready. However, even in this simple case has its own peculiarities.


Most fishing insist that water for manna mash is necessary to take exclusively from the pond where you will use the bait. Here with them couldn’t agree more. Cooking mash on the place of fishing takes time. When others already caught, like as soon as possible to join them. In the end, the semolina is mixed in a hurry, infused less than it should, causing the resulting mass very quickly loses viscosity. During the day, her consistency may change several times, which complicates the mounting.

There is another reason why the talker should not cook directly on fishing. The fact that the composition of water in different reservoirs are different. If on the same lake, the same proportion of water and a monkey have one consistency, on the other it is quite another. Someone will say that it is easy to fix: in the liquid mash, add grits, and thick dilute with water. Of course, it is. But again, it will be lost.

Fishermen do not want to use home tap water, because it has a specific smell, supposedly scares the fish. But today people are so polluted lakes and rivers waste your life that fish have become accustomed to smelly impurities and long is not afraid of them.


As already mentioned, in preparation semolina mash is no big deal. First you need to pour the cereal in the same amount of water and allow to stand for one hour. The next stage – mixing mass. To interfere with her better than usual with a spoon until it becomes viscous and homogeneous. Readiness is checked by the method of «breaking». The finished mash should be stretched to 5-6 cm, and only after that break.

Storage and use

As for planting and for storage of manna mash is convenient to use plastic medical syringes. Nozzle Packed in a syringe, may be left in the freezer for a month. In this «packaging» there are other benefits. For example, the talker it protected from sun and wind, so does not dry. In addition, during use, the hands remain clean. If the end of the fishing remained unused syringes, they once again return to the freezer. However, after the second freezing and thawing talker becomes watery.


Chatterbox from monkey catchability by itself, without adding any extraneous components. But manufactured flavors make it even more effective. Modern industry produces lots of them is not a smaller variety. That is, for every taste.

Supplements don’t always work equally well, and to choose the best it is possible only experimentally. After insisting semolina dough should be divided and each part to add some flavoring additive. Thus, each syringe will be semolina with your flavor.

Which supplements is better? Proven themselves the mash with cinnamon, oil of anise, vanilla, fruit essences, hemp oil and cocoa powder. With the use of aromatic additives is very important not to overdo it with their number, otherwise the effect will be counterproductive. If it is a liquid, then one drop will be enough, if the powder – a pinch on the tip of a knife.

Making mash semolina attractive to carp, and even perch? Being in the water, impaled on the hook, the bead swells gradually, from him off the grains, creating a cloud of delicious dregs. By this meals can not stand to swim carp, crucian carp, bream, IDE, Chub, roach and bleak.

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