Tyrolean wand — catch a predator

Rarely seen on the waterfront fishermen enthusiastically launches into the distance Tyrolean wand. And it is in vain. Tyrolka, as it is called, is able to work in various conditions. Silt, sand, stones, chains. Will serve you well in windy conditions and can produce as fine sailor and a good sudakevich. It all depends on the catcher.


At first Tyrolean wand was invented for reservoirs with large deposits of silt at the bottom. She took the brunt of the gear for long casting and sinking into the silt, while the bait remained in sight. Also, thanks to Tirole, you can see a bottom in the pond. When it comes to posting over the rocks, through the rod in the hand of the angler gives the characteristic knocking. On the sand landing is much softer. Excellent Tyrolean wand behaves there where a lot of driftwood. Because of its shape she almost does not get stuck in crevices, and the inside column of air gives the smoothness and the lightness of her behavior. Tyrolka not comes into operation at full gallop like a regular lead load, and goes down smoothly and even if you get stuck, you pull it easier.

Posting many variations. Try different the length of the pause. A quick retrieve. Different power jerks. When tyrolka after action sinks to the bottom, you will immediately feel how weak the line tension, and you will see that the tip of your rod straightened.

Rigging is very simple. Tyrolean wand joins the main line. Want node, you can loop through the loop through the carabiner.

Periodically check the condition of the plastic tip on your wand. Sometimes plastic gets a bad quality, it cuts fishing line, and you lose all gear. Often with a catch.

In my Arsenal usually sticks weighing 15, 20 and 25 grams. Therefore, the spinning ultralight not our choice. And the woods would be nice of 0.2 and above (Chernihiv). We don’t want to tackle shot off. To the upper loop in Tirole (sometimes there is an extra eyelet in a lead ogruzka, but I think it more slouchy fit) fasten the leash. But the thickness of the leash and select the nozzle depending on to whom we now open the hunt.

If you put maggots and foam, we will get a small ECOSOC. Also this bait may be interested in bleak, Rudd, roach, sabrefish. «The locomotive» flies good catches of perch and Rudd. If on that end a bunch of worms, and Tirole left for some time without movement, then your production can be well, very predatory fish. I was able thus to quite large specimens.

Pop-up baits and suspender will attract almost every predator, and Tirole grams 25 will help to sh in places where it is difficult and often impossible to throw the bait.

So many options can make a normal Tyrolean wand captured fishing!

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