Types of walleye fishing in winter

Large pike prefer to live alone. The average pike perch hunts for food, and that often small fish and bleak, together with the pack.

Despite the fact that the usual way of life of pike-perch is considered an evening activity and night, it can change their habits and hunting by day near the surface of the water, where it walks food. Walleye should be sought in this reservoir, which has a sandy bottom or a lot of gravel on the bottom. You can find drift wood or descents into the depths.

Pike on the depth. Deep water temperature in winter is kept at around 4 degrees. There may be a walleye. Sometimes the fish is walking on the five-meter depth. During the day she sleeps in the snags, and as the evening goes on the hunt. Fish meal is near the shore, followed by the pike perch. Do not hesitate to take the fish water and wood buildings, other fixtures, it can be sought along the sandy shoals and spits.

Fishing, decided to catch walleye, spend time in active search.

Weather forecasts for fishing. Walleye is a predator. He is not afraid of frost. In the clear February days, you can try to catch him.

There are days Blizzard at a temperature of zero degrees and above, then you can catch pike-perch is also good.

In General, to predict when the walleye come in search of food, difficult. After eating, the fish may be several days not to react to the attempts of fishermen to attract Sudakov different Goodies. When the process of digestion is finished, then starts biting. The fisherman got on this time – good luck.

The use of jigs for catching walleye. To catch on the spoon better when the ice is not yet half a meter. In extreme cold to prepare the holes is difficult. Every fisherman is familiar to him, that’s where it should go. Often these places are associated with uneven bottom topography, which is suitable Sudak to organize an ambush on the victim.

From Zander’s throat is not wide, so you need a spoon to pick up a similar, narrow bait. The length can be up to 12 cm and a width of 15mm. The color of the spinner should be metallic silver.

If the current is strong, you need to take two plate spinner. One side may be red, the other silver or yellow bronze.

The plates are connected by a solder of lead. They are 7 centimeters and weigh up to 50 g.

A good lures I think the fishermen bimetallic items. They also consist of two parts, which are made from copper, cupronickel and stainless steel. Part of the hold due to the rivets. Make these baubles craftsmen.

The weight of the jig you need to pick a particular body of water. In calm water it will be enough 20 g spinners on a strong current – up to 60 grams.

For greater certainty, perch tempted a jig can put on the hook pieces of small fish.

To attract the lazy perch or even half full, you need to be able to play the spoon. It is necessary to lift on two feet, a few moments later dramatically drop. She goes to the party and will be at the bottom to move somewhere in centimeters five.

Balance weights for walleye. Milan play very similar to the game little fish. The dimensions of the beams are kept in the interval 5 – 12 cm, weight — 8 – 12 grams.

Zander loves silicone. The experience of some fishermen revealed that the fish on the bait of this material goes well.

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