Types of steel and alloys for the production of knives.

As a rule, in the production of knives can be used various types of steel in addition to steel, manufacturers use also titanium alloys, carbon fiber, cobalt alloys, glass, fiberglass and so on. Really options there are a large number, so the manufacturers installed only important point, how to choose the right material that will have all the high characteristics, but it would not be expensive. Still, if we are talking exclusively about the knives, it is possible to identify the point that all 99% of the knives are made of steel. So we decided to speak today only about the types and varieties of steels, and also partially touch on the alloys.

Today there is a special table where you can find out more information about steel as well as given to each type of characteristics. We do not recommend you to start from such table, as it is in any case can not be regarded as accurate and most importantly full directory. The fact is that not every manufacturer provides for public review information on the alloys used in the production, with some grades can be manufactured by manufacturers, respectively, so you can get confused, because every source for you to be given completely different information. The values of hardness of steel can vary, so can only approximately know about the characteristics. Hardness values is especially important for the production of knives. Steel is also used in other areas, and therefore employees can hardened material at the required hardness.

Generally, steel contains the alloy of iron and carbon. But very often the developers added in production of steel other components which are usually aimed at improving the characteristics and also adjustments in different directions. Professional metallurgists work daily on the question of how to improve the steel that the material is even better, in this regard, it is possible to identify that we at times appear very complicated recipe and technology. Experts are fighting for different kinds of indicators, such as wear resistance, hardness, heat resistance, flexibility and other characteristics which can be attributed to the main.

Under the hardness of the steel means the resistance to the penetration of other substances in the material. More precisely, we can say that the material with high hardness will resist change or deformation of its former shape. For knives this parameter is generally measured on the Rockwell. Experts hardness is tested by using the indentation in the steel with a special diamond or metal ball that is often called a cone. Steel is measured in special units – HRC. Scale of a special device for knives can measure the hardness from twenty to sixty-seven units. More precisely, you can pinpoint the exact moment, if you decided to sell the knife, which,for example, has a hardness of 75 HRC, it leads only to the fact that you decided to just cheat. Best hardness for a knife, according to specialists in this field, is sixty units. Most quality knives has a hardness of 55-60HRC hardness.

Under the endurance refers to the ability of a material to resist all kinds of destruction. However, critical letters or numbers on the strength not exist. Manufacturers rarely specify the exact details, and basically just praising their products and nothing more.

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