Twisters: storage, processing, fishing.

Twister is very necessary for fishing, and you should care not only about making it on time, but correctly and effectively to use it.

If you follow some simple rules you can greatly facilitate fishing.

We should start with the issues of storage, the rules exclude the presence in one place of the twisters, have different scent and color, because they have a tendency of color and smell. And this has a negative impact on the result of fishing. Choose a more reliable method, placing the Twister in a plastic box has several compartments. Then the Twister is not threatened by any changes that threatened the loss of the desired qualities. The next question is color.

The surface quality of the twisters has a certain pattern that could be improved. For example, you can easily paint markers water-resistant worms made of silicone, if you take the trouble to put the strip, you will attach your lure of naturalness. Creative approach to the organization of their departure for fishing, which is impossible without real professionalism, so you should have some presets that can provide success even in hopeless, at first glance, the enterprise.

If your bait is gray, white or yellow color, it is better to apply a pattern resembling the scales of a perch, make it more expressive by adding red dots to the «throat». This trick is needed in order to deceive a predator that will take the bait for the wounded, and therefore immobile prey. This Twister is very relevant in the hunt for jacks. To make the bait more effective should on the eve of the scheduled fishing to hold the worms in flavored attractants capacity.

This is the best way to make the bait very attractive to predators. You should not delay the processing of your lure at a time when you will be in place. Think beforehand about how to handle it shrimp, crab, herring oil, good also use and extract the liver. Do not neglect special sprays that can also make fishing more successful and effective.

Before going fishing don’t forget about them.

And the next moment – the use of contrasting colors, which are much better perceived by predators, and this is especially important in the dark. Therefore, several twisters bright colors were definitely in the Arsenal of the professional fisherman. This Twister of bright red, yellow, light green and dark green colors. These baits will definitely help you to find fortune, to which every fisherman wants, which has in its stock a wide range of a variety of baits, helping out in every case.

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