Trout fishing

Trout fishing is a delight for connoisseurs of classical fishing. She fell in love with fishermen from around the world for the excitement of the process, which requires a certain exposure and skills. Trout meat has an amazing taste and usefulness.

Interesting fact that trout inhabiting the waters of Europe and Russia, mostly grown on farms and released into the lake for sports fishing, but it differs in behavior.

And trout, which lives in a particular lake for a long time, extremely wary of humans and careful with the bait, in contrast to fish, which appeared recently. In this case, the behavior is diametrically opposite, the fish are attracted to noise made by humans and machines, however, it lasts not long, trout quickly learn from mistakes and don’t bite on the first bait.This fish prefers cold, clean water with noticeable current. Found in mountain rivers and streams, near which are the sources. In order that the fishing was productive, you should first take care of the gear.

They must be light, but at the same time, strong. Among them especially popular are spinning, bottom fishing and float fishing rod. It is very important that any gear complies with the requirements for accuracy and range of the throw. Spinning the best option would be the rod length of 2-3 m, for other gear they can be longer.

When selecting a coil, it should focus on the most quality option that will provide reliable winding of the fishing line.Trout is a predatory fish, and this should be considered when selecting a bait or bait. It must be organic and look natural natural. Trout is known for his caution, and any available bait does not bite.

In many fishing stores you can find bait designed specifically for trout. You should also consider that it will need quite a lot, as the trout to eat per day amount of food weight, which is equal to 2 from the weight of his own body.

As bait you can use slices of fresh fish, meat, worms and various insects. If you plan to hunt larger fish, you should use live bait, previously caught in the same pond, this will significantly increase the chances of success.Trout fishing is possible all year round. Features of fishing in different seasons are different, but all are equally exciting and will bring a lot of fun.

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