Trolling predatory fish

Predatory fish are caught interesting way, which is called trolling. Send the bait vertically to a depth of three meters and more. From the shore to do so is problematic: rare steep banks, which immediately is the depth and big fish rarely come to clean the shores.

Do a trolling boat. What is it? Take the spoon to the bottom, then set at 15 cm from him, lifting up, then fixing with brake. Then gently shake the top of the UDA, raising it by half a meter every 5 seconds. Within 10 minutes there should be a bite. If not, the spinner will need to raise, lower and secure in a new place. You can try various movements of the spinner, for example, to raise it, to create the impression that she rides.

As for rods, for this method of fishing does not need sinkers and floats, but only the UDA with reel and fishing line that is wound with a reserve on a bobbin. CDR usually take lightweight and strong, short, slightly more than a meter. It must withstand the big fish, and its firmness will provide a good cutting. Tackle for blesneniya can be purchased at a specialty store. Or a fishing pole for trolling, or «side rod».

Fishing rods are divided into solid and composite (2 elbows). Good fishermen believe fishing rod in which the reel part is made of duralumin or brass, while the remaining vinblastine. A fishing rod is convenient to transport in a disassembled state. Some anglers make tackle for blesneniya themselves. They take the whip of the birch, hazel or juniper. The whip is equipped with a spool for fishing line. Instead of the coil can be adapted motoviltse, although the reel when playing a fish.

Line choose durable 0.5 mm, its length about 25 m. If the line is placed on the coil, by spinning it attaches for the ring-Tulip. You can enhance the attachment and provide the information about Kleve vosjmimetrovaya tube of rubber.

Cutting usually done immediately after the bite, so the leash made of metal not put. Sometimes use a leash from the line, he will not allow the main cord to break. The leash is attached using the carabiner. The carbine is useful because when using the little jig he did not give the fishing line to twist and tangled.

Bait used all sorts of different ways. They vary in size and weight, shape and color, play in the water. The nature of the game bait distinguish wavering, diving, cross. In turn, the behavior of the spinners in the water depends on where the center of gravity. In spoon lures centre of gravity is located near the hook, and the spoon has a slight bend, so when immersed in water she turns vertically. Diving lure goes into the water at an angle because the bottom of her weighted. Transverse baubles are growing all the time, so they are called «rocker arms». The rocker at both ends there are hooks because the lure itself is positioned horizontally.

Currently have an improved rocker arm, one end of them with feathers and a little flat, like a fish tail. When the spoon is immersed, the impression that one fish hunts for prey.

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