Trolling pike in the winter — features and details

Trolling pike to vzimku

Successfully catch a pike at any time of the year. In winter the task becomes even more exciting and interesting, because to catch a predator you must also find her under a layer of ice, which is very difficult to do. Among the various methods of fishing proved to be good trolling pike in winter, is very popular among lovers of fishing.

The choice of gear

When preparing gear for pike, it should be remembered that this fish can reach a very considerable size and have a strong resistance to the fisherman during the withdrawal. Therefore, all elements of the tackle must be high quality and durable.

Trolling pike to vzimku

1. The rod.

When choosing a rod you should focus on long strong rods designed for winter fishing. Long whip makes fishing out of the predator more convenient, so its length is from 30 to 100 centimeters. Well proven rod with a handle made of neoprene and fibreglass whip.

2. Coil.

Suitable conventional round coil with a diameter of 7-10 cm, with brake-drive. When you strike the major instance of such a coil allows you to quickly bleed the part of the fishing line to prevent breakage.

3. Fishing line.

The choice of fishing line should be approached responsibly. It needs to maintain elasticity in cold water, to be strong and to dampen sudden jerks of the predator. Therefore it is better to use ordinary monofilament with a thickness of 0.27-0.35 mm. If the reservoir is home to trophy fish, the line diameter should be increased to 0.4-0.45 mm Supply line of 40-50 metres.

The twist, though is more strength with less thickness, will not work. It is strongly dubeet in the cold, losing elasticity and stretch, so the entire load when jerks falls on the reel and the rod, which can lead to breakage or breakage of tackle.

4. Nod.

Trolling pike in winter is carried out using a large and heavy baits, so the nod is not required, instead simply Tulip. The nod you can bet when fishing for small pike on a small spinner.

5. Leash.

The use of metal leash is a must when fishing for pike. Its sharp and strong teeth can easily eat a normal line, and the habit to swoop in for the head is almost guaranteed to lead to the loss of a spinner together with a catch. It is better to use a thin tungsten leash length of about 20 cm, the Game of the jig will be a little worse, but to eat his predator will not be able. Purchase the leash can be replaced with homemade, made from guitar strings.

The choice of spinners

A jig is an artificial lure that the head portion has a fastening for the fishing line, and the tail – hook. For pike is better to use spinners with tee using single hook pike may not catch on and triple-just will not do. In appearance resemble small fish.


On the right choice of bait for winter pike affected by weather conditions, conditions, and sizes of pond fish. In winter you should select lures designed for vertical wiring. It is possible to allocate some General characteristics of pike lures:

1. Are made of different metals – brass, copper, Nickel silver, and combinations thereof. Spinner, combination of the two metals, in the water creating additional electromagnetic waves, able to better attract the fish. Also, to increase the mass, and the spinners often make lead-solder. Metal spinners is a significant advantage – the pike is not able to damage them, and when dull they are easy to Polish and again make it attractive to the fish.

2. The shape of the lure may be narrow (Zander) and wide (pike). The last good expect in the water, allowing the sh in a large area. Narrow baits carry out bizarre vibrations that attract predator.

3. Color may be different. Considered universal spinners with a notch, imitating fish scales, dyed in natural colors – silver, yellow, metallic. While a Sunny day is good pike on lures with dark stripes painted under the ruff – a common prey of the predator.

4. The average size of 6-10 cm with a weight of up to 30 m, which allows you to catch a pike of different sizes. Thus for the capture of trophies used bait 12-14 cm in length. It should be remembered that at a sluggish bite in the period of gluhozime even big pike reacts badly to large spinners, so will need a small bait – 3-7 cm, Weight depends on depth of fishing – the bigger it is, the harder should be the bait to quickly reach the required horizon.

Features choice of spinners

For fishing in shallow water should choose light spinner with a special groove in the middle. This design allows the bait to create a special vibrations in the water, the pike picks up the touchline. In addition, these lures feature a wide body shape and their game, thanks to the large sail, covers a considerable area.

zimova bleshnia

Trolling pike in the winter will not be successful if the fisherman is only one bait. Even during the day, the preference of the predator may change, so if the deterioration of biting it is useful to change lures, choosing the most efficient. In this connection, you need to have a few baits of different shapes and colors. To make it easy – in any bait shop a wide selection of lures of various models. Quite often anglers use self-made bait.

When buying lures it is necessary to pay attention to its quality, it is better to buy bait from known manufacturers. The hook needs to be durable and very sharp – this will prevent vanishing of the production. Its size must match the size of the body of the spinner.

You can further decorate the spoon bright plumage, but the main thing is not to overdo it – the game lures can become unmanageable and affect the catch.

Trolling pike in the winter. The game is a lure, and especially fishing

Trolling pike in winter is impossible without knowledge of the tackle, because the only quality game the fisherman is able to attract the attention of fish and provoke it to bite.

The technique for vertical jigging pike is not very complex and consists of alternating strokes and pauses. An exemplary embodiment as follows:

• bait is lowered to touch the bottom;

• podmahivala fishing line on the spool so that the spoon was in the 3-7 cm above the soil;

• sharp stroke of the spinner rises of 30-50 cm and is released in the free plan;

• pause.

The length of the pause depends on the intensity of the bite is from a couple of seconds if you frequently takes up to 8-10 seconds in gluhozime. The frequency and height of the strokes may also be different angler should experiment in the process, selecting the best option.

Very effective technique is a periodic Bouncing the lure along the bottom by raising a cloud of turbidity. Pike takes it over the swarming of the fry in search of food and rushes in for the kill.

Pike is a loner, therefore it is necessary to drill a sufficient number of holes. The distance between them should not do less than 5 meters – each individual has its own territory for hunting too close to the wells will not bring a positive result.

When fishing a single hole is sufficient for 6-7 cycles of the game bait. If poklevok was not necessary to proceed to the next hole, gradually oblasova all. Then you can again go back to the first hole.

The pike bite is very sharp and strong, even able to knock the tackle out of the hands of a novice. Grabbing bait, predator continues to move forward and the angler should at this point make a sharp cutting. Resists pike are also very active, so it pays to be prepared for a serious fight.

If there is a bite in the largest individuals, then after a while this hole should once again check the place of the retired individuals will take pike to a smaller size.

The choice of location

the pike fishing on vzimku bleshnya

In winter, the pike is not as active as in the warmer time of the year, so the choice of place should be approached very carefully. If the pond is familiar, then the desired location may be noted even in the summer. When fishing in a new place it is better to try to interview the local fishermen, who will be able to tell the Parking lot predator.

First pike to be found in the following places:

• drop offs;

• deep pits and whirlpools;

• rubble stones;

• snags;

• thickets of riparian vegetation.

After the ice formation, the activity of the predator is high enough that it is found in shallow water and at depth. Start fishing should be shallow coastal areas, gradually moving to deeper areas.

In the middle of winter makes the pike go into the deep, into the pit, where she is most of the time. It can also be found near the river or in the confluence of tributaries into the lake – where the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water is large enough.

With the increase of temperature in late winter activity of the predator grows, it begins a spring feed and prepare for spawning. You can find it at places of confluence of melt water and tributaries, where she moved after schools of fry and small fish.

Fed rarely and the best time for trolling in the morning and evening. The most favourable cloudy days and periods of thaw.

Useful advice from experienced anglers:

• If there is a possibility of catching large specimens, the diameter of the hole should be about 150 mm.

• Extractor or zevnik required when fishing for pike to avoid injury from the sharp teeth of the predator when removing the hook.

• To go trolling for pike in the winter without sagorika not worth it to get a large and actively resisting the predator out of the hole with bare hands is very difficult.

• When the strike large instance should gradually off the line, exhausting the fish – hasty tightening can break the tackle.

• Covered with sludge pit will make less effort to bring the prey to the hole – fish will not be frightened by the glare of light and to provide a strong resistance.

The pike fishing in winter can bring a great result with the right approach and to be no less effective than fishing on imitation fish or trap. The correct choice of bait, the study of the behavior of fish, a good technique is the key to a good catch. The chances of catching a trophy no less than in the warm season.

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