Tricks when fishing for pike in the fall

Going fishing for walleye in the fall, you should consider professional advice. Important recommendations will allow to cope with the fanged in the two accounts and to not only enjoy the fishing but also a good catch.

Attention to the phase of the moon

It is not strange, that moon phase can affect the bite of this capricious fish. Perch, most often fattens into a full moon period. This is the time fish are most active.

During the fall of temperature the pike are of interest to different lures and goes to a depth of two meters. It is important to have the bait well was visible to the eye.

Experts say that the most successful catch can to five days before the full moon and after the same time.


In identifying the deep edge of the littoral area, you can use a jig. Often in the autumn there was an accumulation of fish by the long capes, continues under the water.

Suitable desyatiraundovy jig head equipped with desyatiletnego bait. It is possible to hit the bottom in the appropriate place.

The use of the bouncer

Feature of the behavior of perch is that in the fall he kept close to the bottom and it is advisable to use a bouncer, which is a lure with a load. To effectively fish it is possible and on a large area. The advantage of a bouncer is the ability to supply live bait at different speeds the transaction.

To dispel the myth

With the onset of cold weather most anglers use slow posting. It’s not necessary. You can start rollingout on low speed, gradually increasing it.

The use of jig lures

In search of the fish are stacked, it is possible to carry out the bombing of the jig lures. Finding a fishing spot, you need to become on them and use vertical bombing lures. For the river the best option would be desyatiraundovy baubles. In the process of fishing at the fishing line visible to the planning of spinners on the bottom of the reservoir. Jerking the fishing line suggests that it’s time to do the cutting.

Green algae

In autumn, green algae can attract fish. But it is worth remembering that not all plants pleasant pike. In autumn the algae die off, and such areas perch bypasses.

Upon detection of the areas with the green algae can be used as bait leech on a slip bobber.

Video about fishing for walleye in the fall on spinning

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