Tricks of successful fishing

Every fisherman with the increase of fishing experience up own techniques of catching fish, which, as a rule, prefer to keep secret. Fishing is a very exciting process that requires the angler knowledge of fish behavior, the necessity of the use of certain fishing gear and baits for the best results fishing.

But, in fact, no special secrets of a successful fishing does not exist. The angler just needs to know more about the pond and the fish species that live there. But some fishing tricks are still there. Experienced fishermen know a lot of interesting techniques that help good fishing, and skillfully use them.

Stealth fishing for carp

Anglers know that carp refers to the capricious fish. Even within one day, the fish can change their tastes – in the morning, for example, he can only peck at the worm, and in the late afternoon bite will be solely on the breadcrumb, which still need to be watered honey or sunflower oil. Fisherman it is desirable to make the nozzle more natural, because the carp with the extreme suspicion of the wrong nozzles and does no longer bite. When fishing for carp you should not use bright floats – they can scare the carp, especially the larger ones.

Best any fish react to the moving bait. But, for example, when using fishing natural bait experienced anglers trying to create an imitation of a natural fall in the water. During this movement of the nozzle the flow is accompanied by its slow dip, as in the natural process water.

Tricks fishing with bait

The bait is of great importance for the success of fishing. When properly selected composition of the bait the angler has the ability to lure to the fishing spot, lots of fish. And the wrong bait on the contrary is able to scare away the fish, and in this case the angler is likely to remain generally without a catch.

For casting the bait the angler needs to choose where finding the fish is most likely. Throwing bait have to do with the fact that fish are able to perceive odors at a very considerable distances. And even if at the moment of casting, the fisherman is not watching fish nearby, it will still appear after some time. Therefore, experienced fishermen do the bait in several places at once and do it in advance – at least twelve hours before the fishing.

Another little trick to anglers is the proper storage of bait. A very common attachment is a Joker. For longer storage bloodworms fishermen using large potatoes. To do this, the potato is cut in half, the resulting halves are made of recesses in which is placed the bloodworms, and then the halves of the potatoes are added.

Ins and outs of fishing for carp

In order to prevent breakages of the line when it engages a snag, fishermen use hooks that are made for softer. The hook for this is heated with a lighter or a match. Thus prepared, the hook is easy to bend at the toe, but at the same time it can withstand the possible resistance of fish of medium size.

Breaks the fishing line can be prevented also increase the strength of the used fishing line. The line for this lowered into boiling tea leaves. This simple procedure should be performed in only a few seconds, avoiding overcounting of the line in boiling water. Then the line you want to place the already cooled part of the day. After this treatment, the scaffold becomes stronger and acquires a new color – the color of the tea that contributes to good fishing on the waters of muddy water.

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