Trade bait dough

Properly prepared dough bait is a favorite delicacy for many species such as bream, carp, crucian carp, roach and similar fish. In the manufacture of this bait, it is important to observe the proportions, because every fish likes a certain flavor and aroma.

This article discusses several options for test preparation for fishing.

The usual dough

Suitable for catching of the majority of the inhabitants of the waters. Rye or wheat flour diluted with warm water or mixture of water and milk. The dough was well made, it is necessary to add one chicken egg yolk. Then the dough is divided into small pellets and thrown into boiling water. Ready attachments are stored on a linen cloth soaked in oil.

The dough of the finished bread. If prepared before the start of fishing time remaining. With a loaf cut off a crust, and the crumb kneaded and moistened in warm water. Then folds into the gauze and carefully squeeze. In the same batter, you can add flavoring and food coloring.

Vanilla dough

Best suited for carp bait. Does wheat flour pour on the Board slide, in the middle of which is a funnel. On its edges crumbling a packet of vanillin, hammered egg yolk, and then gradually adding water, the dough is made. In the end, it must be very hard not to fall off the hook. Store vanilla dough should be refrigerated in a tightly closed package.

A batter of corn flour

VA Cup water bring to a boil, poured it in a Cup of sugar and then, while stirring, corn meal. The cooked rice is cooled, laid out on the Board, it spread a spoonful of vanilla, and knead well. The obtained dough on tyhovoddya ringleader well caught fish of the carp family.

Boiled dough of wheat bran

Bran in the ratio of one to one mixed with flour, pour hot water and boil on low heat for 3-5 minutes. Next, the dough is cooled and to it are added or bran, if fishing remains at a weak current, or flour, if fishing have a strong current. All this is mixed until a dense homogeneous mass. This dough compared to other types of longer stored and less falls from the hook when fishing.

Sweet dough with semolina

Taken nylon stocking and filled with grout, mixed with one teaspoon of sugar and sunflower oil. Then stocking tied and thrown into boiling water for about 25 minutes. Then it is removed and placed in cold water to cool. The resulting batter will be quite hard, so before fishing it needs to be cut into pieces that will sit down on the hook.

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