TOP 10 mistakes when opening the spring-summer season

Good day, dear fishermen! So nearing the end, relatively warm and short winter! And her we are waiting for the opening of the new summer season.

Someone is already running headlong down the ice-thawed shores of suburban ponds with a stack of float rods. Others wander with a side nod, oblasova all potentially efficient «points,» using the full range of summer and winter lures using Packed and baitless gear. Needless to say the anglers, many of whom did not close the summer season?

Soul aches, I want to «well, at least somewhere» — if only it was possible in this «somewhere else» to hear again this cute ears the splashing of water, and spray your favorite gear in a combat situation of the reservoir. Why actually no, my dear? So, go ahead, friends! Forward! Before spring flooding!

After thinking about how I could help so loved and close to my heart fishing fraternity, it was decided to write an article here so that’s the key: «TOP 10 mistakes when opening of the summer season.»

And so, without further ADO, friends, «the TOP 10 mistakes when opening a spring-summer fishing season«.

1.»All at once».

You should decide the type of fishing in advance. If You are planning to fish in different ways, it is immediately determined as. I do not recommend You more than 2 ways of fishing, risk to spend time in the shuffle. Better decide on one type and «kill» him. This will allow You to approach the matter professionally and will increase the chances to add to his collection a couple of decent trophies.

2.»Did not expect».

Often the situation when you suddenly realize that «going fishing tomorrow», but gear is not ready. So, in order not to be trapped, prepare gear as soon as decide the type of fishing. And in General, of course, you should keep the gear in order throughout the year. A real fisherman is exactly what it does – and gear last longer, and «constant readiness» for fishing and pleasant… the deal is for gear to follow!


Here is a funny name, third paragraph, it is not funny when You’re frantically trying to find my rubber boots, hidden somewhere under the rubble on the balcony. Besides, it should not be too easy to dress – dress thoughtfully. Most likely, the temperature won’t be a problem, the main thing is well protected from the wind. Pay special attention to the shoes! Even if conditions allow to do without boots, would highly recommend getting the indoor shoes and extra socks, because the flood is very easy to get my feet wet and cold.


Short and concise, as the essence of the problem in General. Bloodworms are better to buy in advance, because a shortage of bloodworms, a phenomenon not very predictable. This applies primarily to large bloodworms are good quality feed usually problems do not happen.

5.»Came called.

Will come once in the spring to the pond, and there a lot of people!

And, again, gentlemen, I want to warn you.

First, you should choose an alternative site in advance, just in case. Maybe a lot of people will, and maybe impossible to catch in connection with the flood – and it happens.

Well, and secondly, and in the Spring it makes no sense to leave very early – before the water warms up, but having left before the others, You get a unique opportunity to take any place.

6.»Hello, I’m your aunt.»

In continuation of the previous topic – do not go to the pond with rhyme or reason. Indeed, in our time, in the Internet age – a sin not to use it. In the jargon, Lord – «Smoking forums». There are many forums where You can monitor the situation on the reservoirs, with the help of reviews written by other fishermen. Read, absorb, but don’t take as the only truth, because You will be the one to add the first review!

7.»There is no time».

No time for a full fishing? Rejoice, ladies and gentlemen! Spring fishing is incredibly mobile. Popravochku in the trunk and rushed. Never fish does not belong to the lure as cold as during the spring flood (however, this is only on one side). There is a free hour? Threw and ready!


If You are going rapacity in the spring flood, pay attention to tackle. Many say – tackle in the spring should be fine because fish fucking careful and blah blah blah. So. Of course. Fine tackle is often the key to success. But don’t be lazy, do leashes. In the spring, in the pond a lot of garbage and the hook are not a rare phenomenon. Here you will need the necessary margin of safety. This applies especially to the rivers.


The birds were singing and rustling in the breeze, the sun gently warmed his bald head. On the water surface or movement. Suddenly, somewhere from the road, the deaf began to hear, rhythmic beats. A shiver ran through the bodies of dozens of fishermen sitting on the beach. Here and there was heard swearing….

Have respect, friends, silence! And it’s not just words – because in the flooding period often to catch at a depth of 20-30 cm in a meter from the shore!

10.»Stereotypes and rules.»

And now the most important thing. The most important thing. Do not approach early spring fishing in a standard way! Especially please be careful of novice fishermen. So, take heed, my young friends!

Forget not to look at all these smug smug smoky men on the shore. Now You are fishing. You are on the hunt! And now You hunt the fish. And so, You must:

•To be in rubber boots, so no problems to go wherever necessary.

•Strong and sensitive tackle. Line 14-16mm. with a leash 10-12mm. Accurate Poplavok, choose depending on the fishing circumstances.

•Be careful and literally sneak to a prospective place of fishing! It is important to observe not only the silence but also to follow the shadow. Try to not fall on the surface of the water. Don’t shuffle! Fish feel vibrations! This is very important. If someone tells You that this is nonsense – nod and continue to look then when they tell You what they say beginners luck. But we know, based on what our luck, isn’t it?

•Do not get hung up with fishing on the moth! In flood fish diet, which is on the flooded banks. Worms, larvae of the burdock, and others as an example, worms. Not once fished on Pakhra «regulars» just dig out the green worms. And while everyone was catching roach, I carried a small but still of skimmers and hasterok.

And now that we have completed the analysis of the 10 most frequent errors when opening the spring-summer season, it remains only to wish You good luck, dear friends!

No tail, no scales! ( However, On the hazel tree»!)

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