To the fishing line and the hole did not freeze

Fishing during the onset of cold weather is quite exciting, interesting and enjoyable. In this case, you will be able to significantly improve their fishing skills. If to consider itself the fishing is not the only cooking gear, but the ability to find a place where the fish are. It was the ability to bring caught fish to the hole and how to pull it on the ice. On the ice can happen a lot, and here you will need your purely human qualities – endurance, calmness, help in difficult times and much more. Fishing in winter can be full of various surprises fishermen. This, and a sharp piercing wind, heavy snowfall and severe frost. Inconvenience in the process of fishing often make the cold and wind. This is particularly evident on the line and the hole. These weather conditions contribute to the formation of ice and frost.

If you have used fishing spoon, it is not so much will affect the fishing process. After all, in this way you are constantly in motion, and the bite can be felt. But if you went out fishing for wary fish, such as roach or bream, the icing gear be a serious liability. Especially if you went fishing without a tent. Here the ice forms will turn your fishing into sheer torture.

Today there are various ways on how to overcome this phenomenon. The easiest way to use the tent, or cover the hole with snow. But this method cannot always be applied. For example, when changing places need to carry the tent and all the gear, and it takes time and effort.

But there is a tricky method by which to protect the line and the hole from freezing. It is, of course, does not give an absolute guarantee, but still quite effective.

The essence of this method in the treatment of the line of ordinary sunflower oil. The efficiency is amazing. Although you can use almost any oil.

Go out on the ice, make the hole, determine the depth. Zamerschik, plot the line that will come into contact with water, and approach your nod. Moisten a tampon in the oil and process line. You can handle and nod.

For carrying and storing oil are well suited plastic tubes from drugs.

Make your hole is not covered with ice, try adding a few drops of oil.

This method is quite simple and affordable, but it gives an impressive result. Now you can just get pleasure from fishing.

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