To catch carp – a great success!

Carp or carp (carp pond), a powerful and strong fish. In Central and southern Russia carp are found in rivers, ponds and lakes. Carp weighing 12-15 kilograms, common. The meat of this fish is succulent and delicious, contains few bones. In the river carp are choosing places to stay in deep pools of water at the steep banks, where a lot of driftwood and stones; live carp in the pits with clay bottom, they like places with a sharp drop of depths. Some carp live sedentary and others have for foraging at sea.

The largest individuals always live alone, and young carps gather in small flocks and feed in one area. In the summer, since the end of June to end of August very good carp caught for the bait. In September, the bite usually stops.

What time to catch carp?

Best is early morning and after 17 hours; the afternoon bite only small carp. What kind of nozzle to take to fishing? This is primarily worms: red dung and earth, steamed wheat, millet porridge cool; you can take the spoiled bread. Well established as nozzle seedless raisins (currants). 4 hours raisin swells in hot water, then soft raisins onto the hook the 2 pieces. Carp can be trained to a specific nozzle; for this you just need to try before catching a different composition of the nozzle.

You have found the right place for catching carp. Now you need to take care of the bait. It is best to cook the wheat and mix it with millet gruel. You can also use cottage cheese, steamed rice, steamed rye, buckwheat. Very good for bait suit balls. They rolled out clay, adding crushed hemp seed. Balls sink quickly and remain long on the bottom, releasing the aroma, very attractive to fish.

Usually the bait is simply thrown into the water by hand where are the abandoned fishing rods. If fishing is planned for the morning, the place provarivanija cook in the evening at sunset or after it; if we intend to catch in the evening, the bait is doing in the morning. Not to throw sour bait – carp will leave and may not appear in the future.

Of course, on the same places carp to the led, so you need to prepare them (prepaymania), that is clear of snags, stones and other foreign objects. Carp can be fished with boats, observing the silence. But it is best to use fishing rods, they can be arranged on a stand. When will the sweeps, then the excess rod discarded on the beach, otherwise the carp can easily confuse the line. Carp – fish is a powerful and swift, so the equipment must be reliable and durable.

Fishing for carp rods have to cook hard and long, an ideal option — solid birch. The length of the rod should match the length of the line. Woods to take on the possibility of a thin but strong, preferably with veins; the second option is braided and tarred. Hooks also need to take strong, able to hold the fish. Carp and silver; there were times when he completely tore his mouth, but kept going. It is necessary to pay attention to the switch: note and float: small in size, it needs to be well calibrated, and the nozzle touch the bottom or even slightly dragging behind him. In the derivation of carps have a strong resistance.

Usually when catching carp float swims quickly to the side and immersed in water immediately. Sometimes carp himself deeply immersed float or even lays flat like a bream. Taking the nozzle from the takeoff, the large carp can cut the line with a sharp edge of its dorsal fin. Here it is necessary not to miss the moment to strike. If the float is immersed to the left, the hooking rod is necessary to the right and Vice versa.

Carp after hooking makes sudden movements from side to side; the angler need to Karp turned his head to the fisherman. This is done so: the fishing rod you need to quickly and vigorously to turn right or left. The rod should be held firmly in your right hand (if the fish is large, and both), the woods to yourself not to pull. Energetic movements of carp from side to side describes an arc horizontally, gradually approaching the surface; when the carp will be seen in the water, lifting just the bait to bring him to himself; you will see that the movement of the fish is not as fast and impulsive as at first: Karp tired.

Soon his movements become slower and even freeze for a short time; now it’s time to use the net and start to bring the carp closer to the shore. In this scaffold does not need to take the hands even when the carp will stay in place. But the carp is tired and lying motionless a certain time; only now the time has come to catch fish with a net. The net does not lift up and pull to the shore. The net should have a long handle. Everything described above is valid for large carp; small, of course, possible to do without further ADO.

For a fisherman the night is not the time to sleep. Night to catch carp no less exciting than during the day. At night, the fish bolder; it is closer to the shore. In the twilight it is necessary to equip the floats of fishing rods fireflies and you can fish not worse, than during the day. For night fishing far casting is not mandatory, the main thing is to lay on the beach. When the carp is caught, it should be easy to remove from the hook and quietly, without splashing, to put in the tank.

If all the carp caught from the boat, the more the angler must proceed with caution and silence. The boat should be put into the reeds and leave space only for casting nozzle and the fish playing.

Carp is considered a very strong and not soon tamsusis fish; fish for bait fishing requires experience, dexterity and endurance. With the capture of a carp fisherman ispytyvaet acute experience that makes fishing even more fun and interesting.