Tips Profi how to hold a gun to just shoot

Instructors pay much attention to the proper rack of the hunter (combat position), and quite a few working on technique the grip of the gun. How to correctly hunter holding a weapon and is controlled by it, depends on the result of the shooting.

The only correct way to hold a gun, no. It is important to distribute the efforts of the hands to hold the gun firmly, but not to overstrain of muscles and whitening of the knuckles. The barrel should be positioned parallel to the ground. Right hand is on the neck butt so that the tip of the index finger was freely laid on the front slope. Please note that the thumb should be pressed firmly against the neck of the butt, and in any case not to touch the fuse. It threatens to injury, when you return the key top of the shutter mechanism.

Fingers the arrow should be opposite to the trigger guard. Arm, which produce a shot, supposed to be in a comfortable position. A common mistake of turning the hand to the left, you can’t do it. If hand to rotate a little to the right, then grip the gun will be more soft and rational.

Lee brown, a talented standout and the instructor advised me to keep the other hand on the middle of the forearm. For sporting and hunting needs to be strong enough, enough for confident handling a gun in any situation. If the index finger is positioned so that he indicates the desired goal, it will help to use the instincts of man and to promote the accuracy of the shot. To make it easier to explain, it is necessary to ask the novice shooter to raise his left hand with his index finger, indicating a certain goal. The brush holds without stress, now half-open to turn the palm up. This is the optimal hand position for a beginner hunter.

Chris Cradock recommends to put forward the hand that was lying on the foregrip, and shoots, on the contrary, to take ago. In his opinion, such a position will reduce the feeling of recoil and faster return the position of the trunk in the right direction for the next shot.

Experienced shooters emphasize that there should not be too much in place of hands. One hand is always leading, Churchill is the one that lies on the forearm. Many authors agree that when hunting or target shooting this hand plays a leading role in the conduct of the gun.

If the leading role is given to shooting a hand gun has the ability for shots to be rotated about an axis which forms the other arm. Is diving behind the line of sight in the course of discounted guns. In this case, the correction guidance. Raising his gun and moving forward at the same time with two hands increases the accuracy of the trajectory tracking purpose.

Precision hand movements are extremely important for honing skills. Control the force with which the shrink gun. Return of the fore-end must not slide in the hand, also toes should not turn white from the strain. Accordingly, it should be reinforced enough, or weakened.

According to the recommendations of the experts, it is best to keep the handguard in the middle. Sagittarius George Digweed hand holds closer to the box, depending on the desired speed changes its position. But people with undeveloped muscles of the shoulder girdle, it is not necessary to carry out such experiments, in danger of losing control over the gun.

The style of the George V when the arm is located on the back of the forearm. This placement of the hands caught the fancy of archers running at the target. In this case, hands are severely strained and tired quickly, which leads to suppressing the interferences and errors due to lag shot.

Elbows, when shooting on a round stand, hands raise high. In this position, between the cheek and butt creates a lock, which contributes to accuracy. Usually when hunting the elbows are kept in a more natural position at an angle to the horizontal not more than 15°.

Hands when shooting needs to be completely in sync, be in the most convenient position. This will ensure maximum comfort control and ownership of a gun.

If you want, you need to fit weapons on the shooter. This will require professional help. He will tell you and design and on the exact size of the bed.

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