Tips on how to learn to shoot accurately on the hunt

Tips on how to learn to shoot accurately on the hunt

Let’s face it — if You go somewhere on nature with weapons, why not shoot? Any experienced hunter will never shoot at a standing target. Only by flying. However, to cope with such a task not everyone can. And we can do a test of shooting skills even more complicated? For example, try to hit the cone of a pine or even a bottle stopper which will come with an unexpected trajectory. Let You throws a target man who will try to stop You from getting to goal.

But things can be even more difficult. For example, if You do not observe the throws in front of you and You throw the target from behind. Or even just lie on the ground and the team has to jump to his feet, to find the eyes an easy target and get to shoot her until she reached the ground. How do You this exercise? Just say that if You succeed in these «disciplines», you can safely consider yourself not just an ordinary shooter, or experienced «fighter». But that doesn’t mean You have reached mastery, of course. And if You are interested in that skill, then don’t stop there!

You probably know what honour and respect are professional arrows that appear on the competition. Especially when you’re holding the honor of the whole country at international tournaments. However, if You are a hunter, make no mistake — arrow-sendika are numerous difficulties in the environment. In other words, to shoot on the stand — this one a class skill. And shoot on the hunt.

But what is the fundamental difference? But before we answer this question, let us think here on any topic. The fact is that experienced hunters are often dissatisfied with the results of hunting, when get game just becomes boring. Yes, it all makes sense, as standards for the extraction exceeded — but still sporting interest is already there. So start all new exercises. Which can be regarded as natural, even traditional micro-tournaments.

And now, perhaps, it’s time to give a few tips for accurate shooting in nature. And to learn the material correctly, consider one of the cases, lead to penalties. Of course, everything said below for firing from smooth-bore guns.

Consider one of the characters arrow-Mazilu. He is not gifted by nature with an accurate shooting skills. However, if he starts to train hard, he will certainly succeed in small business. And the proof of this can be considered a well-known reality, when, for example, people without musical ear is perfectly performed on the stage. Of course, they practiced a lot. And if Your goal is to raise shooting skills, then you should start it with the moral aspect. Or in other words, mental preparation.

And the first thing to do is to say to yourself that You will not retreat from the goal. And learn to shoot like a Pro. It is also worth to keep their plans a secret from time to time. This will allow You to improve your skills away from people who can hurt You to the quick. And try to follow all the positive advice. Because this is a proven technique to get benefit.

It is also recommended not to worry too much, smile more often and be prepared that the first time You will often miss. And You will achieve first-class level of shooting. Also suggest not too much to enjoy the first success — beginners luck. But if You enjoy excessively, then the decline of success You may be too hard.

As for the game, it is best to start with shooting on a round stand. And the seventh positions — in this case, the plate will fly under the convenient for the initial training angle. Once You reach success at the seventh room, move to the first position. There shoot be more complicated. Of course, You can purchase a portable machine for throwing clay pigeons, in this case it may be more convenient to train. Only choose, of course, the appropriate surrounding space so as not to be disturbed.

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