Tips on how to learn a dog for duck hunting

Tips on how to learn a dog for duck hunting

Lately it is very fashionable to hunt ducks in duet with the dog, which assigned an important lesson – to make a duck to climb on the wing or just the wounded animal out of the pond. Hunting is not necessary to bring a gun dog, hunting suit and dog breed Spaniel.

This breed of dog, like a Spaniel, able to lift and expose the sight of ducks in the grass, even the highest one. In this case, this breed of dog is simply irreplaceable. They will also be able to pick up the wounded game, which failed to notice the other dogs of the hunting breeds.

I do not agree with the owners of the dogs pointing breeds, as, in their opinion, these dogs are indispensable helpers in the process of hunting. But it is very important to get a positive result no matter what breed of dog this will help you.

Of course every dog requires training to first debut on the hunt. It is necessary to accustom not to get involved in the search, so she won’t lose the host. It is useless to shoot at a distance of over 30 meters, so the search radius of your four-legged friend needs to be limited to this distance.

According to experienced members of the farms, before going on a hunt, you must demonstrate to the dog a young age decoy duck. And tame it to look for and, equally important, to pursue potential prey of the marsh area. But this only applies to spaniels. For learning hunting skill cops it is necessary to involve specialists. Many experienced hunters give their Pets schools specializing in the education of dogs intended for hunting. Not many take the responsibility for learning on the shoulders.

If you decided to hunt in the company of friends, be sure to carry out instructions regarding safety measures to be observed during firing to protect their offspring from accidental injury.

By itself, hunting in the company of a trusted friend reminds the hunt approaches. But only there is no need to go for a trophy of their own. A very interesting and fruitful hunting, which has a well-trained dog. In most cases, the duck rises above a shot, what to take it is not difficult. But it is very important to be able to react quickly and shoot accurately. But if you decide to go hunting, these skills you possess. We wish you to return home not just with duck, and with this trophy!

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