Tips on choosing hooks and floats for carp fishing

Before proceeding to the choice of float and hooks, you should know that carp are very strong fish and even a small instance can easily bend a defective hook. To this circumstance not marred your fishing is to use hooks in the size from 2 to 6, preferably dual or forged rounded at the ends and with a short sting.

The data sizes of hooks to choose for the reason that the bait should completely cover the hook to the brilliance of steel didn’t scare the carp, which is a very careful fish. If we take a very small hook, then most likely you will get out of the water only the lip of the carp. When fishing a fishing rod strongly recommend you to use hooks with very strong stems that the fish will not be able to unfold.

Well-chosen float is the key to a good carp fishing. Recall that the carp is a very cautious fish. It is very important to know when choosing a float. Do not buy floats of bright colors, which are often sold in stores as in our case, shallower than the float, the more chances of a good catch. As experience shows, there is no better float for carp than kovovy the float which has advantages over others: they are very light and are clearly responding to the bite, they are the least expensive, and most importantly they are less conspicuous to the fish, as is similar to the usual debris floating in the rivers. As a rule, floats are placed on the line above the sinker. In this location the weight will be on the bottom, and float on the water surface. In this float position the sensitivity will be high and will be visible even in a very weak bite.


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