Tips on catching carp in winter

1 . Use PVA stringers more than PVA bags

The use of PVA bags is a highly effective tactic of fishing. However, in the winter you need to look for options to reduce bait mass. It is recommended to use PVA stringers. The term «stringer» is derived from the English name of PVA-filaments. Boyle in the amount of two or three pieces onto the thread using a thin stringer needle a short distance, after which the whole structure «stringer» attached to the hook. Reaching the bottom, PVA thread dissolves completely, and around the main nozzle Boyle is some bait that helps identify carp bait. If every shot used a full PVA bag of bait consumption would be much greater.

2 . Use a small bait

The smaller the volume, the carp eats, the faster the food is digested. The cold temperature of water affects the digestive enzymes in the intestine of carp, so some fat or oil mixture is more difficult to digest. The use of baits smaller boilies or bisected helps to attract carp in the process of fishing. Chopped Boyle gives another advantage – the scent of the bait attracts much stronger than carp.

3 . Try to use bystrorazvivajushchiesja pellets

In winter carp are quite strongly attracted to the smell of food baits. Additive pellets cereal is a great way to strengthen the desire of the carp to bite. Pellets to additives in the PVA must first soak it in warm water, then dried, pre-mixed with sunflower oil. These pellets will give a strong fragrant smell that will last long enough. When added to porridge, they are quickly destroyed in the river or the pond, leaving a small «explosion» at the bottom.

4 . Don’t neglect stick mixes

To save food pellets often use Stoke-on sweets. It is this runoff, which also has a strong and attractive smell. To achieve this, you can pre-soak the pellets in the flavor, then giving it a viscous consistency, and Natalka in normal, pre-prepared tube. With this bait, the carp gets a lot of fragrant odor is due to the special flavors.

5 . Point approach to stuffing bait

When you throw bait, try to narrow the circle of dissipation. Use a simple slingshot, which is very effective, especially for long casts. Winter carp more picky about food, absorb and he had to try a few boilies before he selects the appropriate choice. However, due to the cold water, the fish movement more slowed down, so the choice of several types of lures in a small area contributes to a good bite.

6 . Definitely use worms and various larvae

Don’t forget to try different larvae or worms for catching big carp. The use of live bait is the best tactic carp fishing in winter conditions. This bait is put on hooks in the form of a «bundle». Worms moving at the bottom, attract the attention of fish.

7 . Use different combinations of flavors

Some bait less soluble in cold water, others tend to stick together, and others – long float on the water surface. In the winter time it is recommended to use the first and third option, as the carp is kept closer to the surface of the water and will feel the necessary flavor. But do not neglect and all sorts of combinations. Can flavored liquid processing and mesh PVA — this will increase the period of its dissolution in the cold season.

The more options of different lures for the fish you provide, the more the catch will be in your garden and the pleasure of fishing.

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