Tips on catching carp a fishing rod and her choice

All lovers of angling a fishing rod trying to catch with it carp. But not so easy to catch carp using a fishing rod. And caught mostly small instances. What are the causes of failures and what mistakes beginners carpatica?

Special rod for fishing are not needed. Be quite normal telescopic rods with rings, which is complete in all fishing stores.

But the cheapest rods will not fit, as long as it was not flimsy. For carp fishing you need quite a strong rod. The rod with a soft action and glass fiber in the composition is ideal for carp fishing.


Probably many anglers have a strong rod with a length of 5-7 metres. It needs equipment. The coil can be any. The cheapest spinning is fine. Such rods usually do not use a proprietary coil.

Why is it assumed that the bite from carp are rough and sharply the float goes under the water. But the biting of a carp special, like roaches. He takes the bait, and if it seemed suspicious to him, he immediately spits out. Float at this time, just a little twitch. And if you are rude, then noticed a bite impossible.

The snap-in you need to be as sensitive. However, its weight depends on the diameter of the line. And the diameter of the fishing line depends on the estimated weight of prey.

If to speak about the male tackle, then the equipment should not exceed 1 g. In reserve you should always have multiple snap-ins different masses.

When fishing for carp is not an important part of the bait, more importantly, how it is used. Carp need to feed often, it’s crowded, and in large quantities. Fishermen often feed too little and the carp aren’t biting, and they think that the fish just ate too much. In fact, Karp quickly eats all the food and goes to another place. Summer carp overfeed very difficult, especially if it travels in packs. In this case, you need at least a bucket of bait.

Rule bait carp:

— Need to use only fresh ingredients for the preparation of the feed mixture. But it is better to use a brand of bait;

— You need to prepare a large quantity of bait;

The point of the throw is determined only after the harvest line.

Starting sakorn is performed by the balls at this time spent 80-90% of the feed mixture;

— Lure carp balls is not recommended, because it can only spook the fish. Need to Supplement with grain and throw it with a slingshot.

Now a little more about fishing rods for carp fishing.

Fishing rod for carp fishing

For carp fishing you need to choose a strong tackle. Sense to catch the weak fish tackle no. Simultaneously, the tackle should be sensitive. But to make reliable, sensual tackle difficult.

The rod for carp fishing it is desirable to equip the coil. Some karpatskyi use instead of rubber, which jumps out of the rod tip, but it is ineffective.

Most dangerous of all — the first pull carp. Yes, and the process output is not the easiest. Usually the carp is more than 20 meters under water before exhausted. And pull the carp in the water can be several times greater than its own mass. So even a carp weighing in at 5 pounds creates a force on the rod more than 20 pounds.

For carp rod is fine, the cheapest coil, expensive makes no sense, since it requires only one thing — to keep the line.

The rod need to choose the durable, but soft. Softness is very important when casting a light snap. In addition, soft the rod perfectly absorbs the jerks carp. Buy a fishing rod is very easy as it is sold in any fishing store. But do not choose the cheapest, because the rod must be of high quality, but too expensive and not necessary, because when fishing for carp there is no need to trade rods.

The optimal length of the rod — no more than 7 meters. A longer rod would be too heavy and catching her wouldn’t be comfortable.

The conditions for fishing are always different, so you need to take several different snap-ins. Harness length should be slightly less than the length of the rod. Replace them in the process of fishing is not a problem as they are anchored to the main stock line.

Biting carp differs from the other fish, it does not entail the bait and takes it, then spits out. And to catch a bite, you need sensitive equipment.

But for carp fishing best plug tackle. It is quite bulky, and the technique of catching the other tackle, but that tackle is the most efficient. With such gear, you can perform the most accurate feeding using a Cup and always throw a snap at one point. But the main advantage is the possibility to use snap-ins easier than when fishing mahovym rod.

But there are cases when the rod is not necessary. For example, when fishing at night, or when the carp is very close to the shore. Also normal the fishing rod are indispensable when fishing from a cliff.

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