Tips on carp fishing in the spring, based on practice

After the onset of spring, many fans of fishing will intensify its activities in this area. Indeed, not every fisherman like winter fishing. Therefore, some of them with particular expectations annually meet the month of March!

Spring fishing has its own specific character, however, fishing for carp is the most popular of its kind! It usually begins in March, but if the winter was severe and quite protracted, to start this trade or preferably in the second half of March, or already quite in April.

Carp aktiviziruyutsya after the winter as the warm water starting to actively swim in the waters of a reservoir. The first Wake up the fry of carp, and then a larger it individual.

Know your fishing the fishermen locate the fish from the bubbles rising to the surface of the water. But while carp fishing in the spring, it is desirable to change the place, as this fish in a similar time of the year is still not active and does not move as it does in the summer.

The most suitable places where you can catch carp, there are reeds or other undergrowth. Here this species of fish looking for food as larvae of various insects. Good places where it is possible to realize a great catch carp in the spring, there are places near narrow bays. While large carp prefers to» stand on the snags at relatively shallow depth.

For carp fishing the most optimal time of the day is the East and the West. Then the bite can take place much more actively than at other times.

The optimal length of the rod for universal carp fishing in the spring will be about 5-6 meters. Popular plug-rod, with which it is possible for the fisherman to carry out accurate and also silent reflux. The result of the strike, the shock absorber is able to help when playing a fish out of water. Fishing line when fishing for carp should be in the thickness about 0.14 to 0.16 mm, with breaking load not less than 3 pounds. It is absolutely not necessary to have a leash, so as to catch carp and possibly in shallow water where the depth is about 1 meter. As bait, which is attached to the hook, the most popular are manure worms.

With the advent of spring to all lovers of fishing will be opened great prospects to implement the most ambitious plans to catch many different fish. But fishing for carp is perhaps the most common activity associated with this area of life!

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