Tips from Kapferer

Good fishing consists of many nuances, one of which is the right bait. Experienced Kapferer, homemade, bait, starting with a study of the place of fishing. Detecting water temperature, transparency, density of carp inhabitants of the pond, the presence of small fish.

Considering all the factors, get the right bait for carp.

By identifying the location of fishing, cook it for a visit to the carp. Food for carp are selected in such a way as to hold it in place, but not allowing enough.


The feeder fishing

Fishing feeder eliminates the use of carp bait, despite the presence of a trough in the bottom of the rods. Fishing rod equipped with a feeder, requires specially prepared food that will keep the fish in place. Feeding can consist of sunflower meal, mixed with pearl barley.

Good effect gives the feeding of ground grains of hemp connected with sunflower seed cake and maize bran. Ready, the bait mixture is rolled into balls the size of an Apple and scattered in the area planned fishing close to the float. Privada is complemented by a bloodworm and chopped worms in autumn and spring fishing.

Recipes foods

The generic composition of foods does not happen, all depends on the characteristics of the reservoir. You can only add new ingredients to the basic composition of foods. The same components feeding is a cake and boiled cereals in a variety of convenient proportions.

An example of a recipe of the bait is sunflower seed cake in combination with substances of high adhesiveness and the rippers, in case of need (sand). All the ingredients are mixed dry, then added hemp oil or honey. The obtained adhesive substance is poured boiling water and brought to required consistency by adding crackers, dry milk, cocoa, grains of hemp. Rolled up balls of groundbait and throw in the area of fishing. If long-distance casting, the balls are made smaller. The feeder is loaded tight to the moment it hit the water not crumbled. After the cast begins to act flavor, it will drive the fish from any location.

Components of complementary foods should be energy dense and should be according to this scheme:

— ½ Of the cake;

— ¼ Part of the adhesive substance (bran, flour; pearl barley).

The kick-off to the area of fishing is lure, roll into balls. Further criticisms reguliruetsya depending on activity of fish.

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