Tips for winter fishing

During drilling thick ice, it often happens that the blunt knives of the ice on the frozen twigs or broken glass. Therefore, every lover of winter fishing does not hurt to have a spare set of screws and knives for ice screws.

The Icepick is an indispensable tool in the reservoirs located near highways. After all the sand that got on the ice for a couple of turns dull knives of ice screws and blunt the Icepick continues to regularly cut the ice.

Every time you go fishing, always bring a coil of strong rope with a length of at least ten meters. At one end of the rope should be made wilderness loop and the other end to attach a weight of 100 grams. Such a rescue rope you can always help the person out of the water.

Most fishermen catch fish with gloves, which for convenience is cut fingers. It is certainly convenient, but removing the fish each time, gloves and easy to water. But after fishing You have to go back in the evening a strong frost to your car or fishing camps. Therefore it is useful to buy yourself a pair of warm gloves. You need them more than once.

If You drilled holes are away, be sure to label them with flags.

Trying to release screws ice screws ice, don’t hit them with anything metal. With this task successfully copes rubber mallet-mallet – does not weigh much, and the result is obvious.

Drilling a hole on the ice surface the hill is formed a wet sludge. Just slide her foot to the side against the wind that does not cling line on the ice while fishing.

With great fishing on imitation fish, with a large number of holes, for convenience, paint the handle of the ladle in bright red fluorescent dye, this will allow You to quickly find the right moment.

Luck in ice fishing!

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