Tips for the fisherman

1. Who catches fish in heavily zakoryazhennyh places, you need to use soft hooks. That would make them soft pull hook lighted match. At the toe it will unbend, and at the conclusion they’ll hold the fish.

2. When you bait a worm on a hook, clean it from the ground is not necessary because it is in the water, separated sludge and the fish takes better.

3. To the line to make brown color, it should be kept in strong brewed hot tea.

4. If You want to paint the woods in different colors, it is necessary to use aniline dye. Is taken for 100 g of the mass of line 1 g dye, adding 1 g of Glauber’s salt. To ensure that the paint is fully dissolved in by stirring.

5. The use of line depending on water clarity:

— for clear water – light blue color.

for a blooming green.

for the muddy bottom – blackish tones.

— late autumn – brown color.

6. In winter it is better to use the jig and a jig with the cut beard.

7. In the winter, do not leave the catch on ice for a long time, because the fish peremarket

and deteriorate its taste.

8. So the hole did not freeze, it is necessary to pour 1 spoon of sunflower oil.

9. In winter, when the biting slows down, to increase it you need to reduce the size of the spinner.

10. If Your copper spoon tarnished, it must be rubbed on a slice of raw potato.

11. When dulled the sting of his hook sharpened with the side walls of a matchbox.

12. In the fall, the throwing of the spinning, frosted forest. Need lubricated with petroleum jelly.

13. At shallow depths is better not to use brightly colored and colorful floats.

They scare away the fish.

14. If fish plant the bait, then use a hook with a short forearm and the color close to the stem.

15. In twilight and In cloudy weather, use light attachments.

16. Bait try not to abuse it, because the fish may not bite for other reasons.

17. For best cleaning perch must be lower in boiling water for 2 – 3 seconds.

18. The fish is not spoiled, it is necessary to shift layers for the hair.

19. Do not grasp the nozzle with stained hands, the beginning of the wash, because fish do not tolerate nicotine.

20. For best storage, they need a potato cut in half, to make the inside of the recess and cover the moth, then connect the two halves and fasten a rubber band.


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