Tips for successful fishing in the spring

Spring, like many in this word for many, spring is a time of love, someone hates her for the mud,but the fishermen, the main question is what fish and where to catch? But don’t hurry up and talk some more.

The spring sun shines,the waters begin to break free from the chains of ice, water gets warmer, in this moment starts to eat a roach. The fish in the boat, roach in the early spring to catch on the half-meter depth, use sinking lines,flies,larvae of caddisflies in the house. Before spawning, it is better to catch the roach in the shallows,where the roach is going to spawn in warm water.before spawning, roach is better caught on floating lines and dry flies,and after spawning roach not bad face takes on mosquito and black beetles.

The Rudd can be found in the same places, where the usual roach . The Rudd can be caught on too well bite roaches,but unlike roaches Rudd is not such Sugriva and takes even a fly.Largest specimens of redfin trying to stay in reedbeds after spawning,the size of the hook on large prey should take the No. 6,it shall not exceed the streamer.

Bream are better to look at the depth ,days you can check all the same cords using heavy flies as bits using pellets as weights,so your tackle will quickly reach the bottom and you will catch bream from the bottom.if you are trying to catch bream from the bottom as bait, use a dry fly.

While catching roach ideal for fishing and for carp ,it is found in the same places as the roach.catch carp in the water using a dry fly as a nozzle.

Want to catch redfish in the spring,then go to the small river,lake,in such places, the fry are harvested after spawning.The spring perch trying to stay in such places. Bring baubles of bright colors or gold metallic shade,do not forget about the flies,else you will catch a little tube of bright red shades.

To catch Chub is always a pleasure so how to cope with it. Chub strong fish. You can use the classics,to catch a small Chub aiming on the for Chub is always quite interesting,you can not only test their strength ,but also tackle fighting the Chub.

Spring is pretty well caught pike,to catch it better fly fishing.We all know that the pike before spawning and after actively eats and swallows virtually anything that moves.The basic rule is that if you want to catch a big pike ,then the streamer should take a big. Pike chooses a victim following the fact that less of its energy spend to get more in return.Therefore, the pike prefers victims of large size.Catching pike in the spring, use streamers of different colors.Holds a pike can be different ,it can be direct posting,and the chaotic jerks.You can experiment,as long as the experiment gave you the desired result and pike reciprocated.

So how to avoid spring catching the fish,it is best to catch it quick wiring of the streamer.Better to catch it early in the morning when he freely splashing at the water surface,your task is to carefully sneak up to the place of active Zhora ASP and cast your streamer in the center of this battle,after you privodnye bait,make high-speed wiring,the ASP is not to leave your stream unattended,and after a few seconds you will feel how powerful this fish is.

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