Tips for successful catching bream

When fishing for bream, experienced fishermen use the nozzle, depending on the time of year. In spring and autumn catch animals that have a high protein content.

Such nozzles are worms, and different types (Nightcrawlers, podlesnik, beetle, flour), as well as a good performance shows the use of mussels and snails (ampulyarii, the Zebra mussel, shell — thick shelled river mussel). Can’t refuse bream and cubes of unsalted bacon, small fry, maggots and pieces of crayfish meat. But the piece as bloodworms, not recommended, and it is easy to explain.

Motyl is the nozzle is very delicate, and that he remained alive and not leak, you must apply a thin hooks. Buy these rods today is not difficult, and they will be thin and durable. However, the derivation of bream, this type of hook will be cut very thin and very soft lips of this fish. Moreover, particularly strong in the initial phase of this operation, when the bream are actively and stubbornly resists. And remove it from the pack very quickly, so as not to scare stand the lure of his relatives. Therefore, applying bloodworms and using subtle hooks, you can see ledovye bite, but will be left without a desired trophy.

With the onset of summer, fishing for bream you need to apply vegetative nozzles. These are: the pasta, especially the beautiful «stars» porridge made from rice, barley, millet. Not bad and such attachments as: the «chatterbox» is made from semolina, bread mixed with crushed oilcake, oats and oatmeal, canned corn and canned peas. It seems that there issues could arise? However, in practice they appear. For example, quite often in books about fishing are advised to put manure worms before fishing in a container. Which pre-stack sleeps tea leaves or moss, for further purification of the worms and give them greater mobility. Undoubtedly, the worms will become more intense squirm on the hook. But, unfortunately, you will lose your natural fragrant fish smell, because scientists ichthyologists found that bream 50% of your diet finds, using the organs of smell. It often happens that in fishing, when fishing for peas or canned corn quite often instead of the bream starts to be caught only roach. And what to do in this case? A solution to this problem is very simple! Need to masterco. Masterca done easily and is a kneaded in the hands of a formulation containing boiled peas or corn, and a little semolina. Practice, you will be happy with the result.

In the fishermen, who have long successful catches of bream, there are plenty of recipes and secrets of how to make and use a particular nozzle. Confronting the person on the pond, you’ll know the taste preferences of this fish.

Many anglers who are just starting to catch bream, mistakenly believe that having a good quality bait to guarantee success. It would seem that what is easier-came, found an excellent location for fishing, cast the bait and all. And schools of bream will gather for her fragrance from across the pond, you have only to put the fish in the tank. This approach to fishing is also possible, however, in this case, you can count on the bite of a small plotnicki, and about the bream have to forget.

Schools of bream in the pond are unevenly distributed. They have certain favorite places. Day ledovye the pack to keep the depth of the pits. Evening and early morning they move closer to shore, in shallow water. Schools of bream do not like and do not attend sections of the reservoir where there is rocky bottom. Therefore, it is necessary to know very well the pond, always consider the current weather situation, otherwise a good catch will not. And you freely and easily will exploit local fisherman, moves freely along the shore. He has the same probability of catching bream 50% to 50%. Or catch, or no catch. So, only with the right bait and the exact place of fishing, you will achieve the fish and avoid the wrong move at the waterfront. And in the case of good luck, caught large specimens of bream to give you and your entire family.

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